Arnold Kling reviews *Average is Over*

The review is here, here is one excerpt:

For me, the most interesting chapter was the one on education. Tyler points out that the content-supplying and testing/grading functions of a professor can be automated relatively easily. The main role for humans is to supply motivation, coaching, and inspiration. I am reminded of an experiment in India in which grandmothers with no subject-matter knowledge are recruited to encourage young children to learn by praising their work.


The grandmother reference was given in a TED talk. Does anyone recall which one?

If only my mother had praised my work: In fact she was the first person to discern that I was not perfect, and she told me!

Did you catch the difference between praising the work and praising the children?

If it was a country song it might subtitled The median isn't as mean as it once was but it's as mean once as it ever was.

The "Granny Cloud" concept was Sugata Mitra first TED talk, 2010:
Sugata Mitra: The child-driven education | Video on

"Here in Britain, I put out a call for British grandmothers, after my
Kuppam experiment. Well, you know, they're very vigorous people, British
grandmothers. 200 of them volunteered immediately. (Laughter) The deal
was that they would give me one hour of broadband time, sitting in
their homes, one day in a week. So they did that, and over the last
two years, over 600 hours of instruction has happened over Skype, using
what my students call the granny cloud. The granny cloud sits over
there. I can beam them to whichever school I want to."

BTW, If I click from Tyler Cowen's wikipedia page to the faculty page, it seems to say that the most recent book is... 2009?

The classic Oxford model is that the content-supplying is done by books, the testing/grading functions by the University, and the Colleges' job is to supply motivation, coaching, and inspiration.

All well and good, but who pays the football players?

I don't know about Ole Miss, but at OK State that is the booster's role.

Hey "Andrew'", have you noticed that apostrophe that keeps appearing after your name? It looks rather untidy. Perhaps you should have it removed. I'm sure the procedure would be painless.

I think he adopted it to distinguish himself from another Andrew (sans apostrophe).

Humans also supply the students. Kinda the most important part.

So teaching is just giving kids materials, running a test through a scanner, and cheering them on from the sidelines? Whoa. My job just got WAY easier.

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