Interview with Eugene Fama

By Jeff Sommer, it is interesting throughout.  Here is one good part:

Shiller and Thaler helped to found the field of behavioral finance to help explain a lot of these anomalies. Where’s the difference between the two views, as you see it?

If I were to characterize what differentiates me from Shiller or Thaler, it’s basically we agree on the facts — there is variation in expected returns, which leads to some predictability in returns. Where we disagree is whether it’s rational or irrational. And there’s nothing in the available evidence that allows one to really settle that in a convincing way. The stuff that both Shiller and I have done has been very illuminating in terms of the behavior of returns. The interpretation of that is open for reasonable disagreement.

I think all points of view should get a full airing, and that’s why I’m thrilled to get the prize with Shiller.

Coming from the other side, here is Shiller on Fama.


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