Markets in everything

Reverse shoplifting edition, the link is from Japan by the way.   As it is explained to me in an email:

Value_Added #240950
(Del Monte whole kernel corn no salt added)

Canned corn and receipts
Dimensions variable
The artist takes one canned good to multiple supermarkets and re-buys it. This single can of corn has been re-bought from 105 supermarkets for a total of $113.07. ( as of June1, 2013 )
This procedure is possible because the stores have no way to identify individual items: the barcode printed on my can’s label, #240950, refers to its contents, and not to that particular can.
I suppose in expected value terms this is more rational and more profitable than non-reverse shoplifting, also known as shoplifting.  For the pointer I thank Pamela Regis.


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