Might this be another “doubly stupid” economic policy?

The first part is this:

Thousands of disgruntled horse and pony riders rode through the French capital to complain about tax increases they say will put many of them out of business and send 80,000 animals to the abattoir.

The “cavaliers” blocked roads from the symbolic Paris squares, Place d’Italie, Place de la Bastille and Place de la Nation, in protest at government plans to almost treble VAT on equestrian centres.

The response of the government is this:

France has about 700,000 horse-riding instructors and 2.3 million people who ride, 82% of them women. It is the third most popular sport in France.

The government has promised subsidies to prevent riding schools from going under…

The article is here, and I thank Phil Steinmeyer for the pointer.  Here is a previous example of a multiply stupid policy, strange how they both involve horses…


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