Which are the most and least emotional countries in the world?

I would take this study to be “fun” rather than “scientific” (and yet why do I believe most of the results?), but here goes.  The least emotional country is measured as Singapore and by far the most emotional country is measured as the Philippines.  The Americas are quite emotional and Canada turns up in the world’s top fifteen.  Oman and Bahrain measure as very emotional and place in the top fifteen.  Madagascar, Nepal, and the post-Soviet countries all register as quite stoic and non-emotional.  Africans are mostly stoic, with Nigeria as an outlier, and in the New World Haiti is a stoic outlier.

It is from a Gallup Poll and it works like this:

The more times that people answer “yes” to questions such as “Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday?”, the more emotional they’re deemed to be.

Here is the tally in chart form.

The pointer is from @RaySawhill.


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