New trend of people naming their kids after guns

Via Kottke, here is Abby Haglage:

In 2002, only 194 babies were named Colt, while in 2012 there were 955. Just 185 babies were given the name Remington in 2002, but by 2012 the number had jumped to 666. Perhaps the most surprising of all, however, is a jump in the name Ruger’s (America’s leading firearm manufacturer) from just 23 in 2002 to 118 in 2012. “This name [Ruger] is more evidence of parents’ increasing interest in naming children after firearms,” Wattenberg writes. “Colt, Remington, and Gauge have all soared, and Gunner is much more common than the traditional name Gunnar.”


It would be interesting to see a geographically mapping of where such babies are being named. My guess is that the highest concentration of gun named babies would be in lawless liberal areas such as the Bronx, Harlem, Oakland, Detroit, South Chicago, South central LA. The lowest concentration would be certain in the South and Plains West. This is just my suspicious, geographical data would be highly interesting however but I think we all know who would be celebration violence in this fashion.

You do know that by being so incessantly one-note with this schtick you're making your own perspective look just as intransigent and ridiculous as those you're parodying, right? Try something new or give it up.

I'm pretty sure the "gun enthusiasts" in Detroit and South Chicago aren't exactly involved enough in their kids' life to pick the name.

You are kidding right? Most of the folks I have met or read about with those names were from exactly the places you say have the lowest concentration. Those are the names of (lower)middle class Southern/Texan/Western whites.

I also don't have any problem with those names and don't look down on folks who have them or give them.

Does anyone get named after that fine old musket "Brown Bess"?

I think it'd be funny to name a kid Blunderbuss.

Perhaps the Colt children are just being named after livestock. Has there been an increase in babies named Heifer or Sow?

I'ma name my kid AK47.

Horse enthusiast friends of mine named their boy Colt in the 1980s.

I know a Wren and Robin kid combo. Is it "for the birds"? I'm ok with it.

I once knew a girl named Chevelle. It was the name of their favorite horse.

Bingo, you meet a lot more boys named Colt in rural areas, and it clearly comes from young horse, thus it is similar to the girl's name Fawn. Colt is almost always a really really white name, it seems most common in inland West and High Plains. I know several Colts, all are from rural areas, one is a large animal vet.

As to Gunner, couldn't it be a variant of Gunnar, I've met a couple of mormon farm kids named Gunnar in the past year. if course that means warrior so I guess it is the same thing...

I know of one Remington, but it's is a female and it is a family name and she was a rodeo queen.

The only person I know named after an actual firearm was a guy named Bullet, while I wouldn't want to get into a fight with him, he is a prominent citizen in his small Idaho town.

Ha. I'm naming my kid Hydrogen Bomb.

You going to go with Little Boy or Fat Man as the nickname?

First one, then the other.

How about Glock?

I predict a surge in "Snowden".

I'd like to think that a significant percentage of the "Colts" are being named after the Fall Guy. They just don't make shows like that anymore.

Famous football player Colt McCoy from University of Texas might also apply as influence. but yeah, tough to beat the Fall Guy!

I bet a lot of those Colts are in Texas and were born in the 2007-10 timeframe.

The guns were all given people names to begin with. The article is ridiculous beyond compare.

Half the local lacrosse team is named Colt. I doubt any of their parents are applying for a CCW. If we see a a spike in kids named Glock or Kimber, then maybe we have something.

Since a lot of the guns are named after people, this seems more like archaic names coming back into fashion. Surely no one would bat an eye at a kid named "Tommy."

An acquaintance of mine is named Uzi, which often raises eyebrows over here until people find out that it's basically the Israeli equivalent of "Jeb."

That explanation doesn't really hold up since the guns are named after the inventors/founders last name (and I'm skeptical that other archaic names from the same period are having the same resurgence).

The Uzi was named after Uzi Gal. My auto mechanic is named Uzi as well.

And a lot of people name their kids with surnames. How do you think Forrest, Madison, Brooke, etc... became first names.

Several years ago, there was a Japanese anime series called Scrapped Princess where pretty much every character in the show was named after a firearm, including a character named CZ.

There's a story about where movie producer Remington Chase got his name:

It is just Charles Murray's Coming Apart. As the Black community fell apart, it rejected mainstream naming conventions. As the working class White community is falling apart, they are well down the path of giving their children trashy names.

If you come across a child named Le'teana you're dealing with someone whose parents, basically, have given up on being part of the mainstream. If the child bites you, get all the shots your insurance will cover.

Freakonomics documented how in white culture, at least, baby names "drift" from upper-class to lower-class. The lower classes ape the upper classes on a several year delay. And if the kid is Colt McCoy, I doubt it's the sign of decay you note.

Well that is how it should be in a healthy society. If everyone is invested in the status quo, if they have a belief in the system, then obviously the poor are going to look to the powerful and copy them. That is a society that will survive.

What Black Americans did was reject that mainstream tradition through Black Power. Not to call their child George Washington Whatever but to call George Washington a slave owning Nazi. Which, you know, fair enough, he was, kind of. I am pretty sure that LeBron isn't an Upper Class name that a single teenage mother took on because she wanted her son to be a Stock Broker. On the other hand, I am willing to bet that Michael Jordan's parents were solid, middle of the road, middle class (for African Americans) people.

White working class families are just following the same path of alienation.

It seems like there has been a surge in support for gun rights in the last few years that is notable primarily because it seems to have arisen as a result of backlash against the surge in efforts to repeal and deny those gun rights. Most rights gain support from supporters' concerted efforts to advocate for those rights, for example, gay marriage and drug legalization. It seems like gun control advocates' efforts to delegitimize guns has resulted in stronger support for gun rights, even among those that neither own nor use guns, nor have any plans for ever doing so. Can anyone think of other rights in, say, the last few decades where opponents' efforts seem to have led to a significant strengthening of support for those rights?

Maybe you're tossing a softball here, but every right.

What's amazing is how Democrats can be such great defenders of most rights, and yet fail so hard on the one right that protects all the others.

How much easier would Yanukovych's life be right now had there not been rifles and shotguns among the protestors?

The 1st is the right that defends all the others. How much easier would Yanukovych's life be right now if there were no media or reporters?

The Russians could have just nuked the protesters. Their guns are toys. Their power is in their voices and numbers.

Are they sure this is what's happening and that it's not other factors? Perhaps childhood nostalgia for Remington Steel and The Fall Guy? In 1981, Alexis didn't crack in the top 100 for baby names. In 1991, it was in the top 100. In 2001, it was in the top 10. And I've been told there were no women named Tiffany until "Diamonds Are Forever."

Never occurred to me to do that. Oh well, too late now.

And your children thank you profusely...

No Thomas Gunn? What a shame.

I predict some issues with the school zero tolerance policies in the future.

A kid named Assault Rifle Jones might not be allowed in.

Or even Pocket Knife Jones.

Never bring a Pocket Knife Jones to a gunfight!

I've a "Colton" in my family tree. His parents grew up in the Bay Area. Papa Bear is a multi-talented athlete but never took up hunting (and his mother would never permit guns in the house anyway).

As for the rest, perhaps there are a great many Pierce Brosnan aficionados out there.

The Social Security Name Index indicates that Colt was a top 500 name for boys in the early 1980's, and the recent increase in popularity is more or less a return to that level after a long decline, rather than a previously unknown name becoming popular. The emergence of two successful college quarterbacks (Colt Brennan and Colt McCoy, neither of whom is actually named Colt), may have had something to do with this.

Remington has gotten steadily more popular since the mid-90's.

I don't think any of this is linked to guns. Now, if you want to count the kids named AK47, or M16, or even Glock, fine, that I will buy, but names like Colt, Remington were already recognized last names when the respective guns were invented (the names are the ones of the inventors/manufacturers for Christ's sake).

Little Uzi and Magnum will thank me someday

"Weatherby" seems very preppy.

maybe there is a subconscious recognition among the white working class majority that they are going to have to fight in the streets to keep the elites from flooding their nation with hundreds of millions of third world immigrant invaders? This gun name phenomenon may be a manifestation of subconscious preparation for war against the elites and their immigrant armies of invaders....

I like the name Sarin, it's a real gas of a name

Uh, no. In addition to those above mentioning Colt and Remington after football players and the detective series, Ruger, well, does anyone remember actor Ruger Hauer? He was pretty good in his day. People are always looking for unique names. Sorry, this dog doesn't hunt. Stupid.

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