(Dis)Honesty – A Documentary Feature Film

That is a new Kickstarter project from Dan Ariely and Yael Melamede.

For the pointer I thank Yogesh.


Looks like these two Duke psych professors will get funding, as they already got 20% of their goal with 59 days to go. No need therefore for me to contribute anything.

Must be a bit of a milestone, an entire film about lying without any religious systems being considered at all.

What's that thing with the commons and fishing and all? Doesn't it seem like if you take the premise that lying is only something you avoid if it doesn't pass a cost benefit analysis, and everyone approaches it that way, we complete remake society? Any time it's possible for me to lie, chances are it's in my immediate best interest to do so, all other things being equal.

I'm definitely donating to this. (wink, wink)

Serious question: do we think this is real, or is it a funny joke (ha ha, you crowd funded a documentary whose whole premise is that everyone is a liar)

I can't tell because the link isn't obviously satirical, though there are some suggestive features (e.g. "THE FULL DISCLOSURE: An exclusive video confession from Dan Ariely to Kickstarter supporters only - to be sent on the day we meet our goal "). If it's meant to be funny, I think they should have made it more obvious.

I think its a serious link. I had taken Dan's course in Coursera and since I'm on his email list , received a separate email about this campaign.

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