*The 1 Hour China Book*

I enjoyed this book, which is authored by Jeffrey Towson and Jonathan Woetzel.  Here is one excerpt:

Looking at China today, what you don’t see is an integrated continental economy.  You don’t see infrastructure connecting each part of the country, like say in the United States.  That is likely the future but not yet the present.

If you look at the population and the existing infrastructure, what you actually see is a series of “clusters.”  You see local groups of cities with over 60 million people.  For example, Beijing/Tianjin in the North is actually a cluster of 28 cities — all tightly interconnected by roads, rail and other infrastructure.  Qingdao, well known for its beer, is actually part of a 35-city cluster.

Overall, China has more than 20 of these clusters…and each of these clusters is about the size of a European country.  According to government plans, China’s main clusters will cover 80% of GDP and 60% of the population.

The book is compact and useful, but it didn’t take me an hour.


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