Random Thanksgiving thoughts

FDR once tried to move Thanksgiving, as an act of economic stimulus.  If Putin is going to recreate some version of a non-communist yet Soviet-like empire in his part of the world, perhaps he could also bring back the 24-game world chess championship match?  Season four of Homeland is in fact remarkably good, after I had written the show off.  When will everyday flying feel like Thanksgiving travel?  I am teaching myself Yucatán-style cooking, which involves lots of achiote. sour orange juice (naranja agria), Mexican oregano, and white vinegar.  Cass Sunstein argues that nudging is philosophically defensible (at the very least); I would like to read a paper on friendship and nudging — how much would I want democratically elected friends to nudge me and why exactly might I object?  Macro is the one field which has lost relative attention since 1970, perhaps gathering new data there is so tough.  Here are four animals that lie, including moths.  Why is more than seven percent of the industrial space in Kansas City, Missouri underground in former limestone mines?  There is a consumption boom in the Philippines, I will visit there again next summer.  The George Packer New Yorker profile of Angela Merkel was one of the best articles of the year.

I am thankful and grateful for many things, Happy Thanksgiving everyone…!


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