Martin Anderson has passed away at 78 years old

There is one account here.  Excerpt:

Martin Anderson, the Keith and Jan Hurlbut Fellow at the Hoover Institution, passed away on January 3, 2015.  An engineer by training and an esteemed academic, Anderson’s early work spanned urban renewal, welfare reform, and the military draft.  His work on the draft included promoting an all-volunteer force as director of research for Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign; he is often credited as a significant factor in ending conscription in the United States.  After receiving his PhD in industrial management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1962, he became a professor of finance at the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University, becoming one of the youngest professors to receive tenure there. After joining the Hoover Institution in 1971, Anderson continued to intersperse his academic career with public service and political campaign advising, serving presidents and candidates Nixon, Ford, Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Wilson, and Dole.

I read Anderson’s work on urban renewal very early in my career and was definitely influenced by it.


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