Accelerating the velocity of goods, a continuing series

Uber for private jets, sort of:

To make travel easier, and to avoid the headache of commercial flying, he [Aaron Smart] often uses JetSmarter, a start-up service that, for an annual membership fee [7k], allows him to fly on so-called empty legs, or private jets flying without passengers on their way to pick someone up.

…In some cases, the flights end up costing the same or less than first-class tickets on a commercial airliner.

Among the start-ups is Magellan Jets, which offers a subscription-based model where passengers can buy blocks of flight time and then get matched to planes through an iPhone app. Magellan users are not tied to a specific plane, which allows more flexibility.

Magellan Jets guarantees an aircraft — including turboprops and helicopters — within 10 hours of a customer’s request in the United States, or within 24 hours in Europe. The company, which is based in Quincy, Mass., and works with about 95 aircraft providers, conducts background checks on flight crews before every trip, said Magellan’s president, Anthony Tivnan.

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Or for higher status people, they can use a service like this -

They not only provide jets, they service yours, along with dealing with all that tedious paperwork. Along with providing limousine services.

Of course, Baden-Baden does tend to have a certain reputation to maintain, and providing such aviation services is just part of what the upcoming average is over world will look like - in other words, pretty much the same as now, but with a nicely glossed patina.

If it works just like Uber, drug lords are going to be happy.

It's interesting that corporate titans are willing to fly in private jets that are about 8X less safe than commercial -- how many people would fly on an airline that offered all first-class seating but had a safety record 8 times worse than its competitors?

Pretty certain the actual corporate titans aren't flying on JetSmarter, Magellan, or air taxi services generally. Private jets operated by actual corporate flight departments are about as safe as airliners. Private jets operated by air taxi services are probably in the same league but it's hard to pin down the numbers because "air taxi services" encompasses everything from high-end private jets to single-engine floatplanes in Alaska.

8x less safe than absurdly safe is still pretty safe.

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