*Genealogy of American Finance*

By Robert E. Wright and Richard Sylla, Columbia Business School Publishing, this is both a beautiful picture book, coffee table style, and also a history of America’s “Big 50” financial institutions.  It appears to be a very impressive creation, full of useful information.

File under “Arrived in my Pile”!  You can order it on Amazon here.


This isn't The Robert Wright (Bloggingheads), it's some other Robert Wright who teaches at Augustana College, once taught at UVA, and has written a long list of books (an accomplishment for such a young man - he was born in 1969). I suppose there aren't many distractions in Sioux Falls.

File under “Arrived in my Pile”!

Done, although I'm starting to think I should spend more time sorting the pile itself into useful categories, rather than just carefully cataloguing the pile.

Excuse me rayward, but *I* am *the* Robert Wright and there is lots to do in Sioux Falls. You should come out sometime and check it out instead of perpetuating stereotypes! ;-)

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