What cost is each state obsessed with?


Or click here for a larger map and further explanation.  The data are taken from Google searches from each state, and sadly the Northeast does not surprise me.  (You will note that the searches seem to be done for the capital city of each state, which is selecting somewhat for low quality.)  Perhaps Kentucky, Washington state, and Minnesota come off looking best…

For the pointer I thank Yuka.


I can't replicate this. I get Pool for Austin Texas using couple different IPs.

Did the study adjust for the fact that google might yield different results based on Geolocation?

Not only that, unless you've cleared your cookies it is individualized.

Exactly! So if you get "minor", that might say more about the searcher than the state.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion.

Hmmm... not sure how personalized it can be. Just did a quick check for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland (all taxi) and Seattle (nanny). I'm pretty certain I've never searched for the cost of a nanny in my life.

Have you searched anything for those cities within your current cookies?

I got "taxi, house, nanny" as the top three for San Francisco, and "taxi, nanny, house" as the top three for Los Angeles.

Taxi, pool, divorce for Sacramento
Divorce, taxi, tummy tuck for Stockton
Houses, to live (x2), firewall for Palo Alto
Taxi, nanny, taxi in costa rica for San Jose
Divorce, taxi, prostitute for Reno
Taxi, prostitute, pool for Las Vegas

I tried and got passport, stamp, and tattoo for DC.

Alternate methodology, in which I added "in DC" to the end: Metro, daycare, Uber.

Why would all those geezers in Arizona be interested in a vasectomy? And who is doing the search, grandma or grandpa? As for Florida, it appears that grandpa has an active sex life with younger women (of child bearing age). Who knew geezers were so sexually active!

Grandpa doesn't live in Tallahassee.

Hey, that's what *I* say, here in the Philippines engaged to a girl less than half my age...I Google "Sildenafil"!

AZ is fifth youngest state: http://www.statemaster.com/graph/peo_med_age-people-median-age

Maybe it is 30 year olds who started early getting those vasectomies?

Since the young skew in AZ is probably Hispanic, the racists here will be happy to know they are getting snipped.

Montana comes out looking best, and I don't fish. I do live in northern Idaho and I would guess our google search would be cost of a hunting license (north and south Idaho being different states).

with Wyoming coming in second.

Agreed, I have MT, WY near top of my list b/c fishing/hunting. Additiionall positive seems to be comparatively lower cost of living. Parts of ID that didn't attract CA emigres/money would also be on the list.

You'll need beer when you fish. And a fishing license.

Give me enough beer and I'll just sit in a boat and wait for the fish to hop in. No pole or license needed.

Norman Maclean is pleased.

Great movie! I have fished the spring creeks near Livingston where parts of the movie were filmed. The movie had both positive and negative consequences for the sport: on the one hand, it brought more people in the sport, and on the other hand, it brought more people in the sport. I recall being in a fly shop in Livingston as several couples from New York were spending thousands, many thousands, on equipment, from rods and reels to waders and wading boots to all kinds of apparel. Later in the day I spotted them on one of the spring creeks I was fishing. It was quite a sight - not as great a sight as the scene in the movie with a naked and sun burned "Buster" but quite a sight anyway). Fortunately, fishing with a fly rod isn't an easy pursuit and few stay with it long. I should have given the two couples my telephone number and asked that they call me when they had their garage sale. They didn't buy my favorite rod (Winston) but a faster action (and stiffer) rod (usually sold to beginners) that works fine on Eastern streams but not so well in Montana especially in those spring creeks (because the fish are leader shy and you have to use tippet that's thinner than my hair).

The book is even better.

Yep, I've read it many times, as I've seen the movie many times. Redford was true to the book.

I got divorce, passport, abortion, cremation for Wisconsin but cab, tummy tuck, daycare & botox for Madison, WI.

Using incognito, (In Madison) I got;
* a stamp
* a passport
* money
* capital

In light of Sean P. Wojcik's wonderfully insightful research, I'm sure we can conclude that Madison, WI liberal women are deeply ashamed of themselves.

What the heck are they asking about in ND? I'm afraid to speculate.

I just want to know which minor they're all so interested in

Perhaps they're misspelling miner?

My guess is that it's "minor in possession".

Why does Washington State come off looking good but not NH, with the same cost concern (passport)?

Same with MN and GA. Did he confuse WA for OR and MI for MN? Perhaps TC does not know his state geography.

People in New Mexico are looking to get a Commercial Driver's License, which seems like a very reasonable thing to do.

The "Liquor License" in PA is probably due to the unique liquor laws.

"Unique" is a nice way to put it.

Is it related to the searches for DUI in Dover and Trenton?

Some may think Marylanders' searching for DUI expense estimates is shameful, but I rather like it, compared to the rest of the country. Simple, practical, common sense searches.

North Dakota is worried about the cost of....minors?

Maybe that's a colloquially common way to refer to children.

My honey and I are talking about having kids: how much, realistically, will one cost us until they reach majority age?

I have to hope.

"Minor Passport" is the top hit for me, probably an autocomplete

Who would have thought Texas would be a nanny state. Thanks; I'll be here all week. Try the veal.

The map nicely illustrates the "18-color map theorem."


DNA test!? Is this really something that comes up a lot?

They gotta make sure their cousin doesn't have the same recessive gene for six fingers that they do.


New York State ends at Poughkeepsie. Albany might as well be Toronto for all the relevance it has to the vast majority of the state's citizens.

We buy our weed by the ounce in the State of Western NY.

I too am puzzled about why Nodaks would be worried about the cost of A minor. There are no expensive sharps or flats to buy, and they've got all that oil money anyway.

you've got to b sharp to figure this out

In my downtown west Austin neighborhood (from both my personal and business IP connections, logged out of Google and with a clear cache) I get:

"What does a ... Testa cost," and perhaps more interestingly
"What is the price of ... oil right now"

That seems rather insightful for the area.

Yep, North Dakota wins for creepiest. Oregon and Louisiana have the two most interesting.

And my home state of Massachusetts gets the most state specific: "The T".

Hmmmm, Springfield for Illinois, Sacramento for California and Albany for New York...
LA-Daycare, Electricity, Water ; SD- Lasik, Daycare, Electricity SF- Daycare, Parking, Gas
Chicago- Liposuction, Lasik, Daycare
NYC- Parking, Gas, Mcdonalds

Kentucky wants to adopt a child. North Dakota cuts through the bullshit euphemisms and just wants a minor.

I can't think of any more profound than searching for the one true cost of water. It is the source of all life, and anyone who thinks that Oregon does not look superior for contemplating this issue is short sighted.

Searching for the price of a gallon of milk is useful, since milk is mostly water. Also, they could run for office, and since they did not specify cow's milk, it could be an interesting culinary experience if they are able to obtain, for example, a gallon of kangaroo milk.

I'm also not sure how Washington comes out ahead of New Hampshire.

Oregon's high count for "water" searches is almost certainly because of complaints about increases in Portlanders' water bills the last few years, amid claims that the municipal utility is spending money on wasteful or un-needed projects (such as closing its surface reservoirs and storing water underground to comply with Federal water quality regulations).

There was finally an initiative last year to take control of the water utility way from the government commission and create an independent elected board that would control the water and set rates. This was most likely a bad idea (the local corporations were eagerly backing the initiative, believing that they could make sure that water boardmembers who would bias rates in their favor would be elected). The initiative was rejected by the voters, but not without some loud campaigning by both sides.

Portland is weird about water. I believe it's the only major city that doesn't fluoridate its water because an odd mixture of green and anti-governmental groups fight against attempts to "contaminate" Portland's precious municipal fluids. The latest attempt went down to defeat in that same election (or maybe it was the election before).

Having moved to Portland a few years ago from the Los Angeles area, I find Portland's obsessions with its water "problems" rather quaint.

I'm not clear why "license" is spelled wrong in all the autocomplete predictions.

Trenton is just sad.

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