Arrived in my email

The book itself has not yet come to my pile, though perhaps it still will.  This one is self-recommending, so here is the basic information, it is due out June 2:

Alvin Roth, Who Gets What — and Why: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design.

If you do not know why this is self-recommending, here are previous MR posts on Alvin Roth.  And here is the book’s home page.


I always get Alvin Roth confused with Allan Roth, who was the pioneering sabermetrician for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950:

I know it's dumb, but Roth's pal Vin Scully is still on the job 65 years later, so why not Roth?

As SS would surely not agree, the best way of maximizing your biological potential is to marry outside your country and race. For example: US black serviceman marries brown, or older US white professional marries young brown, as in the Philippines. You get more for your money so to speak. Unless of course you want just 'compatibility'. What I am talking about is maximizing your biological potential. All the talented and beautiful people are mixed race mongrels. Animal husbandry teaches that, you don't need a degree in genetics to understand.

I remember a friend in medical school talking about how many of his fellow students hated Rothian matches in the residency application process, especially the ones who considered themselves to be top candidates

What do you mean by that? I had not heard that phrase during my match year

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