Do pandas respond to incentives?

Smarter than the average bear: Panda tricked zookeepers into giving her an air-conditioned room, round-the-clock care and extra bamboo by pretending she was pregnant

Here is the full story, with videos, consider this speculative.  For the pointer I thank the excellent Mark Thorson, a loyal MR reader.


Do you think there is any use in applying the science of neural networks to our understanding of agent based utility and multi-agent modeling. Especially in individual actors with various piecewise utility functions, abstracting a utility function for the various utility functions any animal will have to maintain homeostasis. Do we have a biological understanding how we are able to make such seemingly contradictory choices. Like a doctor who smokes...or an economist on a fixed income who goes into debt

If so, pandas are more intelligent, more rational actors, and more effective than the typical very serious person (VSP).

Earth to VSP: Animals (and liberals) are not rational beings. They react to stimuli and develop habitual reactions based on instinct and emotions (deceit, envy, fear, loathing, lust for power, etc.).

OK, so (a) this is from the Daily Mail, and (b) they detected increased progesterone in her feces. So I would conclude anything. She could have been briefly pregnant , chemical pregnancy or early miscairrage.

Panda incentives matter.

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