A good sentence

Pretty much anyone can be a ‘rock star’ these days — except actual rock stars, who are encouraged to think of themselves as brands.

That is from Carina Chocano, the entire article is good.


Let's not miss the opportunity to again ask Tyler to please, please, please, remove that annoying javascript bit that adds "- See more at:..." when one copies/pastes content from the site, as well as that infuriating ShareThis pop up window every time the mouse happens to drift over the icon.


Just turn off javascript - it won't appear (plus, it removes any chance for the web site to read whatever is typed into the comment box, not only what is posted).

Yeah, it is annoying.

If you gaze into the navel long enough, the navel gazes back

Anyone remember the Monkees? Or the entire career of Elvis? Who writes these articles?

Yes, I have the best Monkees CD.

How can there be rock stars when rock is an obsolete music genre?

I aspire to be as obsolete as Bon Jovi ;) http://www.billboard.com/articles/list/5930326/music-s-top-40-money-makers-2014-the-rich-list

Very often you can come across this term in the start-up niche. 'rock stars' here and there and every start-up CEO wants them in the team. And nothing to do with music :)

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