Gun Drop Boxes???

Reporters often call me for insight into various issues or just a quotable comment. Yesterday, however, I had a hard time believing the policy the reporter wanted to talk about was real.

Tacoma, Washington wants to install boxes around the city so people can drop off their guns, no questions asked. But, but, but…seriously?

After the reporter assured me this was real I offered the following:

George Mason University economics professor Alex Tabarrok said [gun buyback] programs have been proven ineffective, and he predicted the same result for a drop box scheme. Anyone in the port city who wants to get rid of a gun discreetly, Tabarrok said, has an easy option: toss it in Puget Sound.

Not really something you need a PhD for but when you are tossed a softball you may as well hit it.

There is something to be said for simply reducing the hassle of disposing a gun for those who don’t want to sell but as a crime control measure this is a bust. Regardless of your views on guns not much will change if you don’t do something nationally about the big boxes where people can buy guns (otherwise known as stores).


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