Described as A Luxury Day Care Service for Pet Chickens in Brooklyn, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon

At first I thought it was a joke, but I can’t find evidence of fraud and the phone number checks out.  Still I wonder.

In the meantime, file under Markets in Everything.

The pointer is from Kate Darling, Mistress of Machines.


Where is Ray Lopez? Is he ok? This is concerning.

Sorry I was away from my computer this morning. Ironically, it was to slaughter a couple of dozen chickens. They were CX birds (aka "45 day") averaging, on the 41st day, 1.6 kg dressed and 1/75% times that gross. I helped butcher them. I cut their little throats in the killing cone, bled them out to get rid of the toxins and cut their little heads off just to make sure they were dead, and my kujos (bros) de-feathered them, then ripped out their guts, heart, lungs and esophagus by hand (more better than using a knife, since you cannot accidentally puncture the intestines, which will spill their putrid feces all over the meat, making it stink and less marketable). My profit was about $1 a bird, because I gave a discount since this was a new customer. I hope to soon process about 500 birds a month, so my profit would be about $500 to $1k a month soon, good money in PH. I have automated feed using a PVC grain delivery device I invented from some ideas on the internet, and soon will automate water using nipple valves that I ordered from the USA. I am cutting costs by employing certain tricks that I cannot divulge, even online, since there's a small chance somebody will copy them in the Philippines. My cost per birds is about 2x the price of feed and the initial cost of the chick (which I don't hatch, but buy when it's 1 day old, for about 75 cents), or roughly $2 per kg, which I hope to reduce to $1.5/kg. To save on costs I'm toying with the idea of building an incubator but it would be manual (otherwise too hard to build) which means you have to turn the egg 3 times a day for 21 days...quite a chore.

CX birds imprint on the human that feeds them, so it feels a bit awkward to slaughter them after they look so kindly upon you as a mother figure, but, after the first dozen or so birds it becomes rather routine. My biggest problem now is finding the artery on the first strike...and keeping my knife sharp, a domestic product made of cheap steel that will rust after one day's use and not being oiled and honed. Of course I am gentle with them since I don't want to bruise their meat--they are as soft as butter and absolutely delicious. I ate their brains, liver and heart for lunch, and their feet (huge feet) for dinner. I love chickens...they are cool...but nothing compares to the pet money we have...a juvenile rhesus that is so clever and funny I could write a book on him. Monkey >> dog > cat > reptile > fish > chicken is my hierarchy of pet rankings.

If you have a pet chicken, that' s cool, but as they cannot control their bowel movements I think they are pretty gross as pets, though cute to watch I agree, especially when they are chicks (which lasts one week with CX birds, then they start getting big, losing the cute down feathers, and turning into really ugly Frankenstein birds...the domestic native chicken, which looks something like a Rhode Island Red, is smarter and more visually appealing, but grows a lot slower and the meat is more gamy).

I also raise Pekin ducks, geese, and a couple of swans as guard animals. Waterfowl are even more "foul" than chickens BTW.

This comment is spectacular. Never change, Ray.

Ray, cut the jugular inside the mouth below the tongue. The two jugulars cross over the trachea at that location and a quick swipe with the knife up toward the tongue will cut on or the other. The bleed out is tidyer thru the mouth.

+1 thanks oldfarmerbrown! I will try that...

In the future, everyone will have a killer app for 15 minutes.

My money is on satire.

Brooklyn has hipsters?

People take pet chickens seriously: http://www.mypetchicken.com/. This is also something called a juvenile chicken, http://www.mypetchicken.com/catalog/Juvenile-Chickens-c35.aspx.

Definitely fake. The burning man quote is a dead giveaway. Also if you go on Twitter you can see that it first appeared two days ago and was tweeted out by some design/creative professionals. It's likely a joke/viral/demo site.

According to the site creator's blog ...

"I’m leading design on a product with grandiose implications for humanity. Kinda like the X-men. It’s top secret, so I’ll try and paint the picture in metaphor. Okay, think of humanity as ants. Now imagine those ants all have time machines and ray guns! No that’s not quite right. Imagine the world’s brightest minds together in one place engaged in solving the big problems of our age…in real-time! That’s a little better.

The project is funded. The market is validated. We know there is a huge appetite for what we’re making. We’re also aware of corruption that works against fixing the system. We aim to disrupt that.

We’re looking to shape future behavior, and not so much looking at the behavior arising from the current broken systems."

Which obviously describes Qoopy.


There is a house near where I live (out in the country) that runs a day care for lots of kinds of farm animals. People who go on vacation or whatever leave their animals there. They don't take a ton of animals at any one time, but we see different animals every day: chickens, turkeys, ducks, goats, llamas etc. They don't seem to take the big farm animals though. No bulls or buffalo etc. And of course there are tons of places to take horses around so they tend not to have horses.

In the web application development biz, this is probably the designer's equivalent of a portfolio - he or she (or they) created a website with all the current trends - the big main page, the half-page-down navigation, the bright colors and crisp pictures...

So they can show potential clients that they know what they're doing. Also, as tastes change, they can keep that site up to date with the latest design techniques, instead of having to demo a former client's site as a reference, which will get old and stale over time.

The waiting list application has no required fields, and no fields designated for any contact information. There are some free-text fields where the canny waitlist aspirant could include contact information; perhaps this is a way somehow to filter the responders.

How about professionals for waiting in line?


I wrote this to a friend who was surprised to see a chicken walking down his (big-city residential) street:

Raising chickens in your backyard is so 2012. Hipsters have moved on to raising goats.

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