Best business/economics podcast award

I am pleased that my Conversations with Tyler chat with Jeffrey Sachs won this award from Quartz, here is their description:

Smart economist Tyler Cowen interviews smart economist Jeffrey Sachs in the new and infrequently released series Conversations with Tyler. The conversation is wide-ranging—they discuss China, anthropologists, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and more—but centers around Sachs’ belief that well-intentioned humans can solve even the most difficult problems. Sachs offers:”So I pulled an all-nighter, and I wrote a plan for transforming Poland from a communist, central-planned economy to a market economy.” Arguably, this is the best single podcast episode to listen to if you want to be smarter about economics.

The transcript, audio and video versions are here, the entire series of chats is here; next up is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

For the pointer I thank Russ Roberts, who won an award for Excellence in Podcasting Overall, which of course he well deserves.

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