Monopoly markets in everything, negative interest rate edition

That’s Monopoly the board game.  Here is the latest:

We may be used to paying for goods at the touch of a card or phone in shops, but now quick and easy electronic payments are making their way to the Monopoly board too.

The Monopoly Ultimate Edition replaces fake notes with an ATM and every part of the game is ‘swipe-able or scan-able’, to bring the board game into the 21st century.

The battery-operated system is designed to speed up the process of making payments to other ruthless players, as well as cut down on cheating.

By the way, there is no great stagnation:

It is not the first time Hasbro has launched an electronic edition of the iconic board game, with two previous versions on sale.

But reviews criticised the firm for slowing the game down, in part due to players having to manually enter sums of money on a fiddly ATM keypad.

The Ultimate Banking Edition will cost $25 (£29.99) when it goes on sale in the autumn.

The full story is here, via the excellent Mark Thorson.


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