I want to talk to a random Swede

Northern lights, darkness, meatballs and suicide rates are just some of the suggested topics of conversation for a new hotline backed by the Swedish Tourist Association.

Launched this week, call +46 771 SWEDEN from anywhere in the world and you’ll be connected to a random Swede. The service honours the 250th anniversary of the country abolishing censorship and hopes to “connect people in troubled times.”

Here is the full story, which includes a taped conversation with a Swede (but is he random?), via Michelle Dawson.

Long distance charges may apply.

And via Samir Varma, here is one story of someone who called and spoke with a Ugandan.


They stole that idea from belgium!

"Hello? Hi, I'm calling to ask if your refrigerator is running"

'I want to talk to a random Swede'

It really isn't that hard - the country code is 46, and as noted here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_numbers_in_Sweden - you would just need to dial 7 to 9 digits. Odds aren't bad of reaching a random Swede after a few attempts. And using the information found in the wiki link, it is easy to screen some blocks of numbers that may be irrelevant, unavailable, or costly.

And in case the idea of dialing Swede is just a bit too daunting, this link should be helpful - http://www.howtocallabroad.com/sweden/

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jerky_Boys - already done that...they even featured a Greek it seems ("Nikos – an immigrant Greek delicatessen owner; appeared on one track to date. Nikos often mumbles incoherently, interspersing a few real Greek words within all his gibberish ("Bad Tomatoes" from The Jerky Boys 3 album) (voiced by Johnny Brennan).")

In the entrance of the Dutch parliament there stands the artwork "Hotline to the people". It's a telephone that randomly dials one of the 6 million fixed telephone numbers in the Netherlands: http://www.egbg.nl/?id=1291199535&lan=nl - http://www.mobypicture.com/user/harro/view/7279608 - I wonder if any politician ever tried it. I didn't dare last time I was there, don't know what I should say ...

Odds are you'll get an Ugandan instead


You'd probably do better through couchsurfing.com.

Yes, I have done that already :)

I would like to talk to a random Swedish model.

011-46-451-6675, ask for Sven

OK, I should have been more specific, it is the price I pay for forgetting most peoples are not as virile as we, Brazilians, are. I want to talk to a random female Swedish model.

I'm sure the gays in Brazil are as virile as they are numerous, Thiago.

I wouldn't have the personal experience to confirm or deny it, but all academic research indicates that homossexualism is very rare in Brazil. If they were numerous, we would know because there is no anti-gay repression in Brazil (Brazilians are understanding and generous and tolerant). Compare with American gays, who needed to live double lives like Steve Gunderson, Mark Foley, Randy Boehning, Larry Craig and Jon Hinson). People don't live terrorized in Brazil.

Thiago the ubertroll :D "no gays in brazil" yeah right.

"“'no gays in brazi'” yeah right.'"I didn't say that! I said homosexuality is a fairly rare phenomenon in Brazil. In fact, it is ALMOST unheard of in Brazil! I myself have never met an homosexual in all my life. The only reasons most Brazilians know what homosexualism is are studing Ancient Greece in school and being constantly reminded by the churches (Brazil is one of the most religious countries in the world, most Brazilians think religion is very important, God's name is written on the money bills, crucibles hang on the justice courts, political leaders--even Communist ones (old Albanian line) -invoke God's aid often, most Brazilians ask themselves "What would Jesus do?" before acting) that Christianity decidedly frows at homosexual practices. Evidently Brazil is a big country (in fact, bigger than Western Europe), and there are some homosexuals here and there, mostly there-- we even have one or two gay Congressmen (openly gay, I mean-- gays in Brazil are not terrorized). In conclusion, Brazil is a land of contrasts.

Correction: "Crucifixes", not "crucibles".

'Not terrorized': living in a murderous favela would be pretty terrifying, but luckily Brazil doesn't have any of those. Just like there's hardly any gays, because Thiago hasn't met any.

Haven’t I talked about Brazilians’ religiosity and moral righteousness? I have just arrived from the supermarket. A Black man (I am making it clear for those who fret about the Blacks’ supposed savage predispositions) offered me his place in line (I thanked him, but didn’t accept) and told me Jesus loves me (it probably tells us more about Brazilians than about Jesus, but whatever). Just that, no further talk, no denominational proselytizing. This is just the way we are. It would never have happened in the America of Trump, Clinton, Jeb!, Ferguson, Eron, Dyllann Roof and the several KKKs. Brazil has many difficulties and Brazilians are not perfect, but surely there’s no way like the Brazilian way.

Just like there’s hardly any gays, because Thiago hasn’t met any."
They must be hiding from me-- in the US Congress.
"Not terrorized’: living in a murderous favela would be pretty terrifying, but luckily Brazil doesn’t have any of those."
We surely don't have racially motivated terorrist attacks like the Charleston church shooting. We are not like that.

- See more at: http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2016/04/i-want-to-talk-to-a-random-swede.html#sthash.xvJsF3Rp.dpuf"

Only God can make a random decision.

No, He can't. If all His decisions are perfect, they can't be really random. If his decisions aren't all perfect, He is not God. And if God doesn't exist, everything is permissible. If everything is permissible, anyone can make a random decision.

Nothing in scripture suggests god's decisions are perfect, in fact he changes his mind on several occasions. It may be permissible to make a random decision, but is not physically possible. The universe has been on a fixed trajectory since the cosmologically constant was set during startup.

"The universe has been on a fixed trajectory since the cosmologically constant was set during startup."
It is like saying I can't walk from my compartment to the restaurant car because the train is going in the opposite direction.
"Nothing in scripture suggests god’s decisions are perfect. in fact he changes his mind on several occasions"
When the facts change, He changes His mind. What do you do, sir?

God told me that you were wrong. Well, I think that's what she said.

Anyway, your logic is w. e. a. k. For two off the top of my head: (1) the ability to make random decisions is not conditional on actually making random decisions. Or less than random decisions. (2) God's non-existence could never suffice to prove that you or anyone else have any capacity for any action.

Indeed, conditional on God's non-existence, there is tremendous doubt as to your (anyone else's) existence.

I think therefore I am. God doesn't need to think (He already knows everything), therefore He isn't.

"The service honours the 250th anniversary of the country abolishing censorship" - ha, ha, really. It seems history moves in circles: http://racismwiki.org/White_pixelization.

Sweden also hands out its 'official' twitter account to a random person each week, sometimes with less than stellar outcome: http://mashable.com/2012/06/12/sweden-twitter/#Ic6RgOEtGuqE

I would think many weeks with a very old or young person you would get no tweets.

I'd love to call one and ask him what's up with all of the third world migrant-invaders and Muslim rapists? What the hell were you people thinking bringing this scum into your country?!

Indeed, the evidence suggests that Sweden's public opinion about migrant diversity enrichment might be somewhat less rosy than the heavily enforced censorship of the country's official elite organs might at first glance suggest:


"a terrifying brawl last month when ten policeman arrived at a hostel in the small city of Vasteras in central Sweden, after the repeated rape of a ten-year-old immigrant boy.

"The policemen were confronted by a mob, shouting and shaking their fists. ‘The officers were forced to flee for their lives,’ reports the Gatestone account. ‘One of the officers later wrote in his report that it is only due to the presence of a police dog-handler that he and his colleagues were able to escape. He said he was “mentally prepared to fight for his life”."


"This week it emerged that an all-girl bikini-clad group of vigilantes is now monitoring the swimming baths at Kalmar, which has 36,000 residents, but where 34 migrant hostels have opened. They want to stop women being molested by young foreign men who it has been reported have grabbed their breasts and genitals in the pool or near changing rooms.

"Siri Bernhardsson, a 24-year-old assistant nurse who is a member of ‘Groping Guards’ vigilantes, said: ‘Swimming pools have become prime hunting grounds for gangs of men looking to prey on vulnerable women."


"Suddenly, his friend, a 43-year-old Eritrean called Mahoud, darts off to dance a circle round two Swedish women in their early twenties, walking briskly by us towards the trains.

"The girls, who show no surprise, sidestep him neatly as he tries to pat their bottoms. ‘The Swedish women, they’re nice,’ says smiling Mahoud on his return, unabashed by the rebuff. ‘People here are kind to us, but it’s difficult without a job, nothing to do, and more migrants arriving all the time.’"

Apparently Saudi Arabia is not part of the world for the swedes .

I tried with no success to reach anyone in Sweden by this number.


Sorry ,
I succeeded now .

having Fun


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