My chat with Camille Paglia

It is set for 3:30 EST, the Live Stream will be here.

Update: The full event video, transcript, and audio edition will be released Monday, April 25. Check back here on MR or at


Hi Tyler, can you please wear something other than a dark suit with a dark shirt for the next Conversations with Tyler? You've been hurting me with your fashion faux pas every time. Please try a contrasting combination next time.

Ugh, I assume it's well meaning, but seriously? Fashion advice?

Well, it didn't work very well. Certainly not Cowen's fault - he is an excellent interviewer. And Jordan Spieth didn't win the Masters on Sunday, either.

Why do you say it didn't work very well?

As can be seen by the time stamp for my comment (and for several others), I only made it through about 30 minutes of the dialogue. My comment wasn't directed at Ms. Paglia but rather at Cowen. I regret posting the comment; it's not as though Cowen needs me to defend his interviewing skills. Cowen has the rare skill to connect with his guests in a way that few, very few academics can (because it requires the interviewer to check his ego at the door). But not even Cowen could connect to Ms. Paglia - not in the first 30 minutes anyway. I don't know much about her, other than she is a well-known social critic. Maybe all social critics (whatever they are) are like that and I just don't understand or appreciate the genre. Others may.

As I predicted, this ain't no conversation.

What did you predict exactly?

Also, just curious, does Camille Paglia usually talk like she's on speed?

There really is no need to interview Camille; just get out of the way.

I particularly liked Tyler's valiant attempts to do 'overvalued' / 'undervalued'. Worth the price of admission, THAT was.

everybody else can go f u . . .

Fantastic. Loved it.

Is there a recording? I cannot find this anywhere. The gmu site says to sign in, to what isn't clear

ZZ - The livestream has concluded. The full event video along with the transcript and audio edition will go up Monday, April 25. Check here or at

TWO weeks from now? Guys, this is 2016. Did anyone record or capture it?

I think their GMU grad students have finals soon, so they don't have time to transcribe. And Tyler has to grade their finals, so that delays him checking their work....

Is there a reason for the delay? Is it to increase attendance at the event or something? Kinda baffling, because I love these interviews but inevitably forget about them because I can't watch them for a month after they happen.

It's likely a behavioral econ thing. By delaying the availability of video, Mercatus makes more money. Since Freakonomics is running out of topics, this might be Tyler's oppty to share some really freaky economic results with Stephan and Steven. /jest

The delay allows us to among other things prepare the enhanced transcript and audio version.

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Why does it take so long to go up??? Charlie Rose takes a day and he's like 75! C'mon Tyler!

I was disappointed to find out she doesn't like to travel, which is vital to understanding yourself, your culture, and the true diversity of the world. Especially since she does argue for a return to teaching world cultures and religions. Also, she seemed stuck in the past.There are many good books out there written recently, most of which were featured as best of the year here by TC. Finally, Brazil is overrated by people like Paglia, but underrated by average westerners. They did participate in world war 2, fighting (somewhat) in Italy, and served as a crucial part of the US supply line. They also fought a rather brutal war with Paraguay which she seems to be unaware of. And little mention of the high violence, enormous corruption (isn't that entertaining!), religious superstition, and lack of intellectualism (although that's a relief to some patronizing western intellectuals). Still entertaining monologue.

"I was disappointed to find out she doesn’t like to travel, which is vital to understanding yourself, your culture, and the true diversity of the world"

I personally like to travel, and especially like to go to the blue collar areas to see how normal people live, but No, travel is not vital to any of these things.

As someone who has traveled extensively, the only conclusion regarding "the true diversity of the world" is that there is none. People are flawed in fundamentally identical ways in every country and culture.

You have to be pretty stupid to believe that. The failures, both personal and societal, in advanced and underdeveloped cultures are fundamentally different. If they weren't, they would not be so different in their level of civilization.

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