Bravo to Yale University Press

They have recently published two blockbusters, both highly readable as well:

Carlos M.N. Eire, Reformations: The Early Modern World, 1450-1650, and

Manisha Sinha, The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition.


You've said before that you usually don't read the books you mention - that you often just read a few pages and or skim part of the book.

How much of these books did you actually read? It'd be helpful if you added some context when you cite or review books, e.g. "Read 9 pages", "Read the jacket cover and blurbs", "Skimmed chapters 4 and 5", "Book rested on my desk where it remained in my field of vision for several days", etc.

Straussian reading is he read as much of these books as he's read of Strauss. But the straussian implication of that interpretation is how much Strauss has Tyler Straussed.

Reality is he got both of these books in the mail and he hasn't even read the inside flap yet.

The two books are only 1700 pages combined.

What makes you assume he hasn't read them carefully?

When did Tyler say the stuff you claim he did? Can you give the link?

Are these good or important or did they sell a lot of copies? What is this post about?

Epilogue by Steve Sailer.

Low recommended Amazon review by Jan.

I can't understand why people whinge when being recommended a book. The point of the recommendation is to spur you to look at a particular book and see if.the book recommended might interest you. If not, you're hardly inconvenienced. On.the other hand, you might hit upon a book you can learn
from. Unless you're averse to.learning, what's the problem?

My government already told me what I need to know and it also told me that foreigners would try to confuse with their books..

I like being recommended books, but he didn't even do that.

I guess as long as it doesn't insult the Prophet, Yale will publish it. I have nothing but contempt for those cowards.

I mean, they are not even brave enough to use a pseudonym to post comments online.

Tu quoque, n'est-ce pas?

Well, I am not the one shaking my fists on those Yale cowards, I understant they can't get away publishing the book in name of Y University or YU Press, evade the jihadist attention and call it a day--what they do have consequences.

May I not do as I please with my own? Surely my contempt and my respect are mine to bestow as I choose. Harper's Magazine has my respect, Yale University Press has my contempt.

Of course you can. The same is true regarding anyone else and their opnions on pseudonymous Pharisees .

Another good one is Throes of Democracy by McDougal. One of the best from 1828 to 1878. 50 years that shaped the US.

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