New York retail markets in silly everything

Looking for something to do this weekend in New York? Story, a concept shop that completely changes theme every few months, has relaunched this week as a Mr. Robot-themed space. In addition to being a retail shop selling an assortment of gadgets, accessories, and Mr. Robot-themed wares, there’s an “Evil Corp” ATM at the front of the store that will dispense real money (up to $50) if you figure out the four-digit code. The clues are hidden around the store, and we’re told they’ll probably change often.

Here is the full story, with many photos and an address.  To think that they closed Tower Records and Borders for this…sigh.


Expect people off the street roaming the store, particularly those who have a gambling addiction and want to play on the ATM.

I'll give you a $3 coupon on a purchase for entering my store, or I'll give you a chance to win $50 on the ATM (never disclosing the odds of picking the right four digits in the right order).

What offer do you think people will choose and what are the odds of winning the $50 .

The odds of picking 4 decimal digits correctly are 1 in 10,000.

If someone doesn't realize this then hopefully they are aware of their own abysmal math skills and refrain from any gambling whatsoever.

We like the lesser educated.

It's a way of screening the customers. If you're too smart, don't waste our time.

They closed brick-and-mortar bookstores and record stores because there are cheaper, more efficient alternatives. That's a GOOD THING.

I guess us non-poor prefer to live as first worlders and actually DRIVE to a big box store rather than cram into an NYC subway going to some hippy store

Hahaha. OK.

You can stop off at an olive garden you finish shopping.

Yes, which is why businesses in Manhattan have all been in steady decline for the past 30 years and now cater exclusively to the poor. Somehow, it's all the fault of Obama and Shariah law, also.

There is also the Time Travel Mart:

Tower Records and Borders closed because their business models didn't make sense in the 21st century and they were both too obstinate and slow to adapt. If you want to buy information that can be completely digitized, why would you waste the time and effort involved going to an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar store? And even if you do prefer physical media over digital media, the selection and price will be way better on Amazon. The only advantage of a brick-and-mortar store for media products is the ability to sell an 'experience' along with the product itself. If Tower Records and Borders had realized that, then maybe they wouldn't have been replaced by a company that understands how to sell an experience.

+1. pretty surprised you had to explain this to our host.

I'm sure he knows this. Tyler just really liked browsing Borders (as did I). Browsing bookstores / libraries let's you find stuff you never would have on Amazon through the "other people bought this" links.

The electronic front end for Amazon still is nothing like a book store or a library. And I'm not sure why not. I walked into the library with my kids last weekend. At the entrance was an interesting book on a display stand that I immediately picked up and started browsing through.

I'm really only minimally successful at finding new interesting books through Amazon. In most cases, I've found out about the book through another source and am further investigating or buying via Amazon.

Perhaps VR will change that? Maybe?

Correct - it's hard to find interesting books via Amazon but I always leave the library with something good

The future of retail is selling an experience, unconnected from any actual goods.

That is called live theater.

Google "Escape Room" to see the current fad in exactly what you are talking about.

Innovation will be defined by inventing new experiences in the retail space. I'm reminded of a Monty Python sketch in which the customer pays to be insulted, but first he walks into the wrong office and gets abuse.

And by the way, you are the worst MR commenter of all time. You combine the depth of understanding of Ray Lopez with the sensitivity of mulp and politics of prior_test. If Trump ever hires a speech writer, you should apply for the job and show up for work every day dead drunk.

Borders and Tower offered things to the customer that did not redound to the benefit of the owner such as the opportunity to sit in a big stuffed chair and peruse books that you had not bought, but which, if they struck your fancy you could buy on Amazon at a lower price.

I passed by the library today. I found on the book a paper receipt from 1989. The book has been untouched for almost 30 years. Books are important but people overrate bookshops. You just need a few books to pass knowledge trough generations, not thousands of them.

I take it that the store has stingy return policy if the entire merchandise mix changes so often, which makes the store even more of an Evil Corp.

Mr. Robot is a really good show by the way. It's a show that really groks millennials.

Seriously... this is a important web-site

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