The New York Times

I have written for the Times for ten years now, and, excited as I am about moving to Bloomberg, I am sad for my time there to be coming to an end.  It is the world’s greatest newspaper and probably will be for some time to come.  They also have treated me consistently well and always made me feel welcome, and were only nice and encouraging to me when I announced my departure.  I’ve had great and understanding editors in Tom Redburn and Jeff Sommer, Jeff for the last eight or so years of my writing for them.  I’ve been reading the Times for the last forty-four or so years of my life, since I was about ten, and I am not about to stop.  One further testament to the paper is that two of the main people from Bloomberg who recruited me had their background at…The New York Times.

Soon I’ll write a bit about Bloomberg and what I’ll be doing there.


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