The Coasian culture that sometimes is India

Even if the traveller hasn’t pre-selected her seat before the flight, the airline claims it will “ensure only a window or aisle seat is assigned at check-in” to its female passengers.

Here is the full piece, via the excellent Samir Varma.


Segregation touted as a perk. Buses, trains, airplanes. Won't this just encourage male resentment?

At some point the government must address the underlying issues. Otherwise the next step is to establish an entirely separate society for women.

In India there is precedent.

Apparently sometime during the gradual British grabbing of India one of the local Muslim rulers collected a 2000+ harem. They lived in what amounted to a separate town with its own all female-police force etc (I don't know whether the cops were also wives or just plebian hirelings).

Without reading the article, is this about groping in the middle seat? Makes no sense otherwise.

With reading the article, yes, that is what it's about.

Wouldn't groping also be a problem in the window seat?

There have been some pretty horrifying stories about rapes on public transit in India, so I get the concern.

The competing solution by Air India (seating female passengers together) seems more effective.

It is Indians being Indians.

In Turkey, and I'm assuming other islamic countries, cross-country coaches won't sit men next to women at all. Probably more of a modesty taboo than public safety concern, and a bit annoying if a bus becomes 'full' with only half the seats occupied.

Where do they seat Hijras? And Bruce Jenner?

Surely in 2017 every journalists knows these are the most important questions!

Hijras are seated as women:
Don't mess with them:

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