The Montauk trailer park for billionaires

Is this convenience, or a new front in the signaling and counter-signaling wars?:

On the surface, it could be your typical trailer park, with its boring rows of modular mobile homes squeezed onto tiny plots of land.

But Montauk Shores features something other trailer parks don’t: million-dollar views — and billionaire residents.

Owning a trailer at the park has become the ultimate status symbol for the tony Long Island town’s summering rich and famous, many of whom use their relatively modest mobile digs as a second pad to escape with the family or even as a glorified changing room after a long day of romping in Montauk’s waves.

There’s also the indescribable cachet that comes with shabby chic.

“All you own is the box of air above the land,” noted a former Montauk Shores trailer owner. “Whoever buys here is essentially buying a 24-foot-wide-by-50-foot-long box of air.”

But for some deep-pocketed denizens, that’s all they want. So many wealthy people have infiltrated the trailer park that it now has its own “Billionaires’ Corner,’’ a local Realtor told The Post.

Here is the full story, with photos and details.


My inlaws live in a slum in Manila (Caloocan). Bonus points!

It's kind of neat. The streets are about four feet wide and there's constant fires, petty crime, an occasional murder (especially these days with Duerte's war on drugs), but 'shabby chic'. I personally don't live there, nor in Manila anymore, but have visited and spent the night sleeping on the roof and enjoying, if that's the term, the hot, muggy box of Manila air. In some ways it's better than the high-rise, tony Makati district of Manila.

From the article: "For example, [billionaire] Bikoff bought the surfers’ hangout East Deck Motel for $15 million in 2013, only to demolish it last year. The plan was to turn it into a private club for moneyed surfers, which goes against Montauk’s notion of surfing as a communal sport where the waves are shared and free, locals griped." - I don't know about East coast USA surfing, but I'm a little bit familiar with Greek surfing, LA surfing and Hawaiian surfing, since I have some surfer dude acquaintances. From what I saw, surfing is very territorial. Surfers are constantly projecting attitude to outsiders. Very high schoolish. Was a turnoff to me, though I played along. So I think the "Montauk notion of surfing" is a fantasy and simply NIMBY and envy.

Mediterranean surfing of course is windsurfing and kite surfing.

They are your inlaws now, huh? So she is your wife who is half your age now, or did I miss that?

Does your wife object to her independently wealthy husband letting her parents live in squalor? I mean come on man, you could at least pitch in and move them out of the slum. It wouldn't cost that much I'd imagine.

Hey thanks for that note Anonymous. I am building them a house in the provinces, but most of them prefer Manila since that's where the money is...and by money I mean about $10 a day (that's the minimum wage) which is a good wage for Manila. Manila is good for work (you get $5 a day in the provinces), if you can put up with the one to two hour (each way) commutes. You can probably walk to work faster, if you don't mind walking through thick pollution. The novelist Dan Brown put one of his inferno scenes of hell on earth in Manila. I would not go that far, but it's a pretty dense and polluted city.

I agree there is something exciting and energizing about living in these third world megalopolis. I have seen people arguing that we are somehow genetically designed to prefer open savannah style parkland but revealed preference to me seems to suggest most people like ultra dense urban living, sort of like village life but on steroids.

President Temer's wife is younger than half his age, she is considered the most beautiful in Brazil and he actually fathered her son when he was in his 60's or early 70's. Meanwhile he presided the House three times and was elected vice president twice. He is one of the foremost legal theorists and an accomplished poet. He was a respect professor and, after a poor childhood and being member of a minority, he became rich through his own hard work and legal acumen. Now he spearheads bold economic reforms in Brazil and leads efforts against corruption.

+1 to Prez Temer! Viva la Brazil!

Thank you Ray but in my countru we spell it "Brasil" with an s. Brasil is a beacon to all nations, as the Prophet Bandarra has written, she will rise like a lipn and crush the serpent with her heel.

Billionaires? Name one. This is classic fake news, a few people do something, and so "everybody's doing it."

Four billionaires are named in the story. I love your proclamation of "fake news" without even bothering to click through.

I stand corrected.

Are you questioning the veracity of a story published in a paper that endorsed Trump as the Republican Party presidential nominee? Really?

Here is a journalism piece I wrote for college:
A cheap scent buoyed by the steam reached his nose. He rubbed his nostrils, remembering a strip club he frequented in those halcyon days, where at the lunch buffet, every Thursday he met Tommy Darton, a tanned and cocksure friend whose brain bled out his skull, after it cracked against the scaffolding three blocks south of City Arms (the strip club) on West Seventy-Seventh outside the West End Mall, when a taxi skidded off the West Side Highway after the cabby’s turban slipped down his forehead as he tuned the radio away from a Billy Joel song that icy, midafternoon Thanksgiving.

Bonus Points, If you guess the venue or band

Bonus points if you can read the bloody thing to the end.

Not the same rayward - it's an imposter.

I was gonna say...that's terrible writing.

Leave me alone.

Finally, the president's favorite paper has reached Marginal Revolution. A better choice than the Mail, at least. For example, what are the odds that a man regaling the Boy Scout Jamboree about things he cannot talk about, would not be familiar with at least a few of these headlines?

'Every once in a while, a publication latches onto a subject with such zeal and ferocity, it's impossible to imagine one entity existing (or at least thriving) without the other. In the 1980s, there was Donald Trump and Spy; in the '90s, People and Princess Di; in the mid-'00s, Julia Allison and the late Gawker. Nowadays, there's no media alliance more symbiotic (or more uneasy) than the one between disgraced New York politico Anthony Weiner and the New York Post.

In the last five years, Weiner has provided the Manhattan tabloid with not one, not two, but three sexting-related scandals—including the most recent incident, which finally prompted Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, to leave him for good. The Post has greeted all of these revelations—and pretty much every other incident in Weiner's life, including the birth of a son in 2011—with the most knowingly crass, pun-propulsed headlines imaginable: Today's cover line, for example, was "Huma Cuts off Weiner," a nod to Abedin's decision to split, though we also would have accepted "Movin' Out (Anthony's Schlong)". Herewith, our ranking of the *Post'*s cover-language oeuvre, from overly cocksure to delightfully dorky:'

rigamorale, histrionics, the Packard in king kong. Art Deco is back with Scarlett Johanson. Rutherford Chang's Whtie Albums. Donova's Colors.

Boston, I know where I'm going.....

What next? Ugly girlfriends?

Is that a decent film? Is worth the modern ticket price of matte rice?

Kentucky trailer parks could use some fixing up. :)

They're going to need A LOT of global warming if they want those million dollar oceanfront views.

Is this a first for Professor Cowen- the Post as a source? This is a very welcome development.

OTOH, I don't know who is certifying billionaire status, but this must be an insufferable lot when they get together and brag about how humble they are.

I saw this advertised on Breitbart.

The "Let's Make America Great Again Trailer Park".

Single wides selling for $3 million each with $200k a year club dues.

All the Trump steaks you can eat.

Secret Service Protection on special days.

Game of Thrones wrestling matches between current and former White House staff on the week-ends.

FYI Real estate is three things: location, location, location. All thee may appropriately be preceded by the word "perceived"

FYI Montauk ain't the Hamptons. Montauk remains a favorite vacation destination for FDNY and NYPD types.

The traffic is consistently horrid.

Montauk is in the East Hampton township. For a long time it had a more bohemian reputation than the rest of East Hampton and Southampton but it was culturally annexed by "The Hanptons" a while ago.

About 18,000,000 people live around New York, of whom 120,000 or so are to be found in the exurban portions of Long Island. I guess there's a little bit of Gatsby in the moderators.

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