Luxury canine markets in everything

How is making clothing for animals different than for humans?

“There is a whole different physiology when you’re designing for a pet. The animal has to be able to go to the bathroom without removing the clothing. The design must be comfortable, because you don’t want the dog chewing at it or taking it off on the runway.”

What’s the price range of your designs?

“Anywhere from $300 to $15,000. The most expensive item I did was a pageant dress for a Maltese for the New York Pet Fashion Show. It had a crown, a faux fur wrap covered in Swarovski crystals, and the gown was convertible — the skirt part came apart and the dog was still wearing the harness.”

How do you choose the dog models?

“I have a who’s who of the famous dogs of Instagram (including Norbert and Henry from Bideawee, a New York pet welfare organization). I use my clients’ dogs, and I always do a rags-to-riches story and feature a rescue animal that can be adopted.”

What’s it like being a dog clothing designer in New York?

“There was time when people would look at it weird, in the beginning when I was doing it. Now you can’t go anywhere where the dog is not wearing something. I mean, my dogs even wear shades.”

That is an NYT chat with designer Anthony Rubio.


My mother got our dog Barney a red sweater to wear on walks in winter and he really liked it -- presumably, because he just liked walks and he associated the appearance of his sweater with going for a walk.

You should buy him a hat and pair of shades for his walks, then he'll love them too. Maybe some booties. And a fake pipe for him to gnaw on.

My dog gets excited when she sees her leash. But she'd probably love a hat a lot more. A nice red one.

Not a market, but watch private canine charity in action - 'More than three dozen dogs from the Miami-Dade County animal shelter are being flown on Georgina Bloomberg’s private plane to New York ahead of Hurricane Irma.

“She’s taking 40 dogs,” Lauree Simmons, president and founder of the Big Dog Rescue shelter in Loxahatchee, Fla., said of the daughter of billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. “We took a van down there to get them, and we’ll deliver them to her private plane at the Palm Beach County Airport.”

Bloomberg, whose father has a home in nearby Wellington, “is passionate about rescues” and chairs fundraisers for Big Dog, Simmons said.

Big Dog staff went to Houston after Hurricane Harvey, rescuing 60 dogs from the floodwaters. Those dogs are now awaiting adoption at the no-kill shelter.

Simmons’s 33-acre rescue center currently has 457 dogs and puppies living in air-conditioned bunkhouses.

The $10 million facility is still under construction, and the offices and vet clinic are operating out of trailers. Staff members were working frenetically on Thursday packing up the contents of the trailers, because they won’t be safe from Irma’s expected winds.

The dog bunk houses, meanwhile, are fitted with hurricane impact glass built to withstand 200 mile an hour winds, Simmons said.

“The dogs will be very comfortable,” Simmons said. “We’ll stay here with them through the storm, and just keep hoping for the best.”'

Probably worth a Bloomberg column concerning the magnificent benevolence of the wealthy, not just a mention in the Washington Post.

"The animal has to be able to go to the bathroom without removing the clothing."

Interesting euphemism. Of course animals don't "go to the bathroom". But maybe any other descriptive of defecation is a euphemism as well, like "taking a crap".

My Foxhound has 2 coats. One is a red winter fleece so hunters don't shoot at her in the woods and the other is a rain coat so Mommy doesn't have to dry her off (60 lbs of wet, wiggling dog is cumbersome). She would shred a tiara or anything with ruffles. Good girl.

The profound anthropomorphism that pervades human - canine relations is fascinating. (Some people have what they believe to be meaningful one to one conversations with their dog. Yet others, just down the street and perhaps with the very same breed, speak to their dog in that strange higher pitched tone we reserve for young children.) We dress them, we rescue them, we feed them outrageously expensive complicated meals. What would their undomesticated wild cousins think? If they could. I mean, apart from thinking "free lunch every day? You are kidding me."

Link no longer works - it now takes us to a news story about tennis

Scroll down.

Dog clothing is just conspicuous consumption..........but I'm still amazed at dog strollers.

I can go to the bathroom without removing my clothing.

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