The movie (no spoilers)

After a muddled start, it is really quite good, unlike VII more than worthy as an installment in the series.  I like the color red.  I enjoyed seeing a Star Wars version of a puffin.  The performances are much better than in VII.

Here is my earlier post, The public choice economics of Star Wars (a Straussian reading).


Did you like VII?


I hear they're going to let JJ Abrams ruin IX as well. I am so disappointed about this.

If you had rank I-VIII how would you rank them?

Can't wait for the something in between light and dark.

Was there a Solo trailer?


I've never seen a single Star Wars movie, but from the cultural references and the previews I've figured out the plot. Apparently, (SPOILER ALERT FROM SOMEBODY WHO HAS NEVER SEEN A STAR WARS MOVIE), the storm troopers, who I thought were robots, now have in this latest movie a black guy who breaks ranks with the storm troopers and becomes a 'good guy'. Since movies mimic the times, this might be a delayed "black man as president would be OK after all" motif. Blacks as storm troopers reminds me of a Youtube Play-dough parody version of Star Wars a few years ago where the storm troopers accidentally set a citizens house on fire, it was funny. Star Wars is childish, and anything a movie reviewer imputes to it that is intelligent is simply projecting their own intelligence into the movie (that's my Straussian critique).

Indeed. And, "No Spoilers". I don't understand how you could possibly "spoil" this movie? How could anything in the plot or list of characters possibly surprise anybody? How many times do they get to make this film, with the lightsabers and the darth vader and the luke and the funny robots and now the more demographically up to date characters.

I believe that all storm troopers are black and that all storm troopers are in fact clones of same black person. This was certainly the case in the period between the "new" trilogy and "original" trilogy. You can also see
the long canonical nature of stormtrooper blackness in the well received Clone Wars cartoon series.

So it is hard to view a stormtrooper's blackness as offering significant social commentary.

In that case, the storm troopers' estate might have a cause of action in the USA, as in the HeLa litigation (Google "Henrietta Lacks").

Is it better than Return of the Jedi?

Yours was the opinion I was anxious to hear, and glad it is positive!

Under the big budget packaging, FA was just not a good movie. Professional critics thought it was great, but they are kind of imposters in this world. They did not understand what was good about the original movies, but you can't make a career dismissing cultural canon, and now they don't understand what is good/bad in the new movies either.

After watching, I expected Tyler to hate it, but it makes more sense that he likes it.

I was confused and bored most of the time. Too much repetition of earlier films, humor from the Marvel movies, and cliches. But I'm not a Star Wars diehard.

So we have a consensus then! LOL

Economists and their opinions…

I’m with the critics on this one. I liked it, even if the humor was mostly, um, forced and it was rather long. The focus was in the right place and for the most part on the right people, and as Tyler noted the Star Wars universe never looked better, and the handful of big moments packed more oomph than anything we’ve seen in a while.

Many fanboys won’t like this one, but the last thing this series would have needed was to answer all their questions from the last movie in the basically the same way the original trilogy answered them.

What is up with fanboys needing all "mysteries" answered. We didn't get any answers about the emperor until Episode I, and I don't recall people having a problem with it. Those who wanted it could read the novels. The rest of us just thought -- oh, he's the emperor and must be even more evil than Darth. That's evil.

Also, the original movie didn't really introduce any mysteries that needed explaining in later sequels apart from the general mysteries of trying to understand this new fictional universe with laser sword-wielding, space wizards.

Is it wrong that I take some joy in that the new director kind of pissed on all of the demands for answers and the fanboys went berzerk?

And with the humor, I encourage everyone to re-watch Return of the Jedi. Han Solo is so annoying. Talk about forced one-liners. In episode 4, I think Lucas' strategy was to let the main characters play it straight with fewer one liners (though they were still there) and let the robots be the comedy duo, which somehow feels less out of place, because they're talking, sentient robots for crying out loud.

"Too much repetition of earlier films, humor from the Marvel movies, and cliches. "

This is exactly what I was afraid of. All 3 items on this list succinctly summarize everything I hate about big budget movies today.

Still plan on seeing it to be sure.

I will see it with mild trepidation, because I fear that my groaning at cliches and stupidity with annoy my fellow patrons.


This seems to happen when the original writers are no longer involved.

The new writers struggle to come up with new ideas that stay true to the originals.

They end up repeating cool ideas from earlier films. The casino is a blatant ripoff of the cantina, as one example. It's just not that cool the second time. Same thing is happening to Game of Thrones.

The Marvel humor is just annoying. It's nice for marvel films but feels out of place in star wars

Yes, I definitely wish George Lucas's impeccable judgment, sharp writing, and original ideas were still around.


Star Wars was great, pure fun. Empire was excellent but depressing. Return was very good but the pathetic resolution of the love triangle was a disaster.

[Dad, the greatest master of the Force ever, tortured his daughter in Star Wars but did not realize it was his daughter!]

Best is to ignore the prequels and sequels. Re-watch the original again.

Way too long, too many corny speeches and too cutesy Disney. Prefer adult fantasy adventure like Game of Thrones.

Yes we get it. You like boobs.

I hear the movie is awful, copy paste trash, ripping off the OT classic moments in a boring, dumb way, they waste Luke, the humor is cringe, self reflexive and very un-Star Wars but typical of today's movies, it's a movie for children but not one adults can enjoy as well (well generally speaking). Hmmm, I guess if you set the bar extremely low, expect nothing but a big, dumb spectacle, minimal quality acting, editing, storytelling, etc., and you've given up on a series that makes sense - and adds to the original trilogy - and are happy it's less bad than The Force Awakens, then it makes sense to say, "I like it" or "it's 'good'".

What is the First Order? What is the Resistance resisting? These movies have always been style over substance. Modern effects allow even more style while low expectations allow less substance.

Sorry Tyler, this movie was a travesty and I think you need to check yourself.

I can now no longer trust the validity of any of your other opinions/thoughts/beliefs.

This review nails everything wrong with it:

I am a moderate fan of the original trilogy. Loved it as a kid who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. This film crushed my nostalgia for those fils more than the prequels did and lowered my desire to see episode 9.

Reasons... I do not care what happens to any of the new characters and all of the originals are dead. Waste of time pointless sub plot to a Casino. Giant Llamas. Can you milk this Focker? Laura Dern!!! The supreme leader is a whiny Millinial. Decoder ring. Leia space float... and on and on.

Pluses. I like red too.

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