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Chinese travelers are the world’s top tourism spenders, shelling out almost $260 billion in 2017 alone. A growing part of that spend is now happening in Africa, encouraged by relaxed visa rules, increased interested in the continent’s cultural and historical sites, and a initiatives that seek to appeal to Chinese tourists.

Last week, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China launched a joint loyalty program with Kenya’s Stanbic Bank, aiming to create incentives for travel, shopping, and leisure to tourists visiting the two nations. The “I Go Kenya—I Go China” scheme follows the bank’s similar program in South Africa last year, which rewarded its cardholders by offering a range of discounts and special offers from merchants across the travel, hospitality and lifestyle sectors. The state-owned financial behemoth is doing this as part of its plan to internationalize, and push its banking card product abroad.

Meanwhile, Africa is becoming increasingly attractive destination for Chinese tourists. A recent survey by the global travel platform Travelzoo found that the continent was the top destination of choice for Chinese tourists seeking more adventurous holidays in 2018, beating Japan and Australia. Visitors were especially drawn to Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, and Tanzania.

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How can anyone who professes to believe concensus climate change projections advocate more international plane travel?

Anyone who believes that we’ve got 3-4 more years of current emissions to limit ourselves to a 1.5 degree increase (and that anything more than 1.5 degrees will be terrible) should support changes that will reduce or eliminate air travel (which produces 10% of manmade carbon emissions).

Sailing is underrated.

Nothing goes to windward like a Boeing.

We're all gonna die.

International travel, esp tourism, might have net social benefits, say because it makes people of different nationalities think more kindly of each other. That might be worth the degree increase caused by flight travel. That might be one might believe in human induced warming and also cheer for int'l travel... yes?

Not if you believe consensus about how bad even 2 degrees of warming will be, and Tyler professes belief.

Maybe 6% of oil production is used for aviation, so it's a long way from 10% of human CO2 emissions. (Maybe you are using a high multiplier for other warming effects of flight?)

The problem is not flight itself but warming. Greenhouse gas emissions can be countered with a carbon price equal to the cost of removing CO2 (and potentially other greenhouse gases) from the atmosphere and sequestering them long term. It is possible this may only cost $50 a tonne. This would perhaps add $60 to the cost of a flight from New York to London in an existing fuel efficient airliner. That's not an aviation ender.

This carbon price would mostly result in the elimination of fossil fuels from electricity generation and ground transport. It may be extremely difficult to replace fossil fuel use for flight but it would still encourage a shift to more fuel efficient planes.

What matters here is the estimate of CO_2 emissions per capita. I'm surprised how low it is in China in spite of manufacturing lots of consumer goods for the world.

GDP per capita is $8000 ish, CO2 output closely follows this. And China's manufacturing output is 4th after the US, EU, and Japan.

Well, everyone loves donkeys, right? We have cars, but who cares?

Chinese tourists avoid countries with a reputation for violence. So far I have met 3 Brazilian emigres who tell me they don't want to raise their children in their home country for that reason. Not an easy place to live unless you are rich apparently.

Chinese tourists avoid countries with a reputation for violence."
Oh, like the Great Leap Forward, the invasion of India, the conquest of Tibet, the Korean War, the Taiping Rebellion, the attack against the Soviet Union, the Cultural Revolution and concentration camps? Maybe we should throw Chinese from buildings like they did to Deng's son?!

Tanks in Tiananmen Square and tanks in Rio de Janeiro. China and Brazil are both sh-thole countries that no decent person should visit.

It is completly different. There is no possle ressemblance. We are not using tanks to crush helpless students!! We are using them to fight drug lords and renegade milita men.

Reaching out to Africa contrasts sharply with Trump's many offensive comments about Africa and the people who live or are from there. The long-term damage Trump is doing to America is beyond belief. Step up to the plate, indeed.

"offensive comments"??? What "offensive comments"??? Telling people the truth is the kindest thing you can do. What they do with the truth is up to them and says so much about them. The best possible thing that people in shit hole countries could do is recognize this fact and work to improve it.

>The long-term damage Trump is doing to America is beyond belief.

So true. My retirement accounts are only up 60% since he was elected.

How am I ever going to recover?

May God bless TPM with ever rising asset prices. He is so special.

He is doing terrible damage to socialists, free loaders and rent seekers.

Trump is a rent seekers' dream.

& you're an idiot.

That's it? No intelligent response just slinging mud?

@TPM: we're 107 months into the expansion phase of the business cycle. Hope you can cash out before the bust and claim victory for good.

The long-term brain damage Trump is doing to rayward is beyond belief.

America step to the plate? You mean act more like boorish Chinese tourists, pushing and shoving, skipping lines, with total disregard for others? Is that what you mean? I do not expect the behavior of people treated like children by their Communist government to improve any time soon. As American civil virtue continues to degrade, maybe they can join in.

The Chinese have ruined everything. Chinese tourists are awful and there are far, far too many of them. All of the great cities of Europe have been made completely unbearable by the hoards of Chinese tourists coming in for the purpose of mobbing the local Prada, Gucci, Hermes, etc. shop.

"A recent survey by the global travel platform Travelzoo found that the continent was the top destination of choice for Chinese tourists seeking more adventurous holidays in 2018, beating Japan and Australia" [SNIP]

Good. Don't come to Sydney.

Traveling extensively in Europe, I have found Chinese tourists to be far more bearable than Russians, who are aggressive and rude. (FWIW, unless they were 20-somethings, the Americans I’ve met over many years in Europe have been generally both polite and funny.)

As American civil virtue continues to degrade

Strong evidence of which is seen daily on American highways.

The praise for the Chinese tourist is just another indication of what a ridiculous person Tyler Cowen is.

The Poe effect, or is it Straussian?

Anyone complaining about rude Chinese tourists should realize that if you're in the same place as them: a) you have the same low-brow taste, b) not enough money to be in a nicer place, c) not being curious enough to go where the tourist buses don't arrive. Basically, hating other people who is just like you.

....still quite vague as to WHY the Chinese allegedly favor Africa so much

suspect we are being fed a significantly incomplete story +spin

Maybe the Chinese are also tired of tripping over other Chinese tourists while they try to see old buildings in France and Italy too.

You can get lion balls or giraffe ears or body parts from rare and endangered species to add to the blender mix of afro-desiacs.

"From ev'ry mountainside let freedom ring!"

I can't imagine a better way to win African hearts and minds for the US than to increase the number of visits by Chinese tourists and decrease the number of visits by American tourists.

"the continent was the top destination of choice for Chinese tourists seeking more adventurous holidays in 2018, beating Japan and Australia"

I'm not sure that I would consider Australia a place for adventurous travel; if it's adventurous then so is Canada. Similarly Japan.

Obviously you can do super-adventurous activities in anyplace, playing Crocodile Dundee with crocs and stingrays in Australia, or sled dog trekking in Canada, or mountain climbing in Japan. But I would not describe any of those countries as adventurous destinations.

So of course an "adventurous" traveller is going to pick Africa over Australia and Japan.

It's like saying Dove Bars are the frozen treat of choice for chocoholics in 2018, beating popsicles and slurpees. (Where I live, the last few years Magnum bars have become more prominent on supermarket shelves, I'd never heard of them before but they're pretty good. If Dove Bars are like Africa then maybe Magnum bars are like Antarctica.)

They should go to Syria - now that would be adventurous.

Surely the question to ask about that sentence is "Why are all the countries in Africa lobbed together into one destination to be judged about far more politically and culturally homogeneous places such as Japan?" I'm sure if they counted Europe as a single destination it would beat out Japan and Australia too.

Visitors were especially drawn to Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, and Tanzania.

IOW, two Arab countries, and insular state whose population is a 50-50 split between African and Austronesian elements (and who speak and Austronesian language), and two countries with large non-Bantu populations.

"A growing part of that spend is now happening in Africa." Since we're not told the actual amount, I think we can assume that Chinese tourism spending in Africa still remains comparatively tiny.

a big steps into the mix, . . . , i didn't read anything but the headline

I hear they like to go to Sierra Leone and Liberia to play paintball. So realistic!

hoo we, the man has it going on, . . .

you give your best shot, that's all you can do

And if you're number "7" ?

And reside in Yankee Stadium?

knock a line drive off of the black seats, and coast in for a double with a bad knee; because of that gdmned sprinkler head in center-field

you can't write that type of prose without having been there, lil' f o's

mr big big, shares, from time2time

I was in Maputo for work a few years ago. My expectations were low but it was much nicer than I expected. Wouldn’t take my wife there for vacation but could see it being a draw for people who lived closer.

Dulles - Dakar - J’Burg. - Maputo would have been bad enough but I was in Houston when I found out I was going. Those flights seemed to take forever.

When Chinese travel abroad it's almost always via a Chinese owned tour company. They travel on buses exclusively for Chinese people, stay at Chinese owned hotels, and eat Chinese food. The only foreign experience they want is for pictures and shopping, even the guided tours are done by Chinese nationals usually. They never have to speak a word to locals.

I suppose Americans could do the same... Tour Ethiopia by bus, stopping to eat burgers and fries, staying at a Marriott, taking pictures of the sites... But I doubt that would interest many Americans. Plus they couldn't come home and speak credibly about experiencing the culture. Call that signalling if you wish. Anyways, it would be a pretty crappy vacation for the average American.

The real question is why isn't it a crappy vacation for the average Chinese?

American tourists used to have a reputation for turning up in foreign and complaining about how things weren't like back home. Then the British kind of took over. Then the Japanese. Now it's the turn of the Chinese. The first wave of mass overseas tourism as countries develop is generally mostly package tours full of people complaining about how things aren't like back home. Over time their travel habits will become more like those of contemporary Americans.

You’ve left out “Ivan”: there are Russian tourists all over the tourist sights of France, Italy and Spain.

What's with Tyler's war on punctuation? Is it part of his transition to a mummer?

German Nazis travelled a lot too.

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