China Ethiopia donkey estimate of the day

There are estimated to be 44 million donkeys in the world, almost all of which are maintained for work. China has the highest population (eleven million) followed by Ethiopia (five million)…

Here is the source, via pointers from Yves-Marie Stranger and Michelle Dawson.  That estimate seems to be from the 1990s, the article has much more data of donkey interest, and it is a good example of Cowen’s Second Law and indeed Cowen’s First Law: “It has been made clear that the estimates of donkey populations presented here should be treated with great caution.”

And here is a 2011 report on donkeys, horses, and mules in Ethiopia.  Ethiopia has the third largest total equine population in the world.


So they control more than one-third of all donkey resources on Earth? Won't the White House do anything against this clear and present danger?

The clip states that "almost all" of donkeys are maintained for work. This may be ignoring the trend in donkey skin exports to China. The skins are used to make a gelatin. The Chinese are involved in donkey breeding efforts to satisfy the demand. And Brazil is a major exporter of donkey skins to China with new abatoirs already under construction. Look homeward for your answer.

But we do not have as many donkeys as they do and we surely do not consume as many donkeys as they do. I surely do not eat donkeys!
We do not need donkey power because we have cars, buses, airplanes, trucks, ships and rockets. Brazil is a modern country.

Are you SURE you don't eat donkey meat? What's in YOUR hamburgers and hot dogs?

The World's best cow meat!

Why don't you eat donkey meat? It would be better to eat the poor abandoned Brazilian donkeys roaming the countryside than to allow them to die of disease and malnutrition or killed in collisions as happens frequently. Scientists inform us that the meat is very high quality and nutritious: Maybe with the truckers' strik and a couple of caipirinhas, you might find it a good time to try a little donkey churrasco and tell us about it.

No, it wouldn't. It would be killing.

How exactly do you think the " World's best cow meat!" is procured?

Only from the best cows!

So American cows. Ok. But they are still killed to make a Grade A hamburger.

Brazilians cows are the best in the world. But killing donkeys would not be better for them. Now, they are allowed to live.

I like having sex with American cows because I'm a cuck.

TMI, buddy, TMI.

Stranger's First Law of Abyssinian Economics:

"All numbers contain both wax and gold"

I used to visit horse (and donkey!) markets in Ethiopia quite a bit, and here is a piece I wrote about Gudu, a horse fair near Addis Ababa, and how it reflects current changes in Ethiopia:

"Today, a market such as Gudu contains brilliant fabrics woven in the Pearl River area of China, batteries from Thailand that work a minute or two – I personally tested four last week in the space of ten minutes – candy and plastic shoes made in Ethiopia, red buckets and public photographers with digital cameras (pose now, get the print next week)..."

Full story:

That's a lot of ass.

Thank you baby Jesus for Donald J Trump and his American job saving tariffs. Those ch!nks are getting whats coming for them. #maga4eva

You cannot invoke Cowen's Second Law in a conversation about donkeys without mentioning the following cutting-edge, peer-reviewed feminist research on the emotional lives of donkeys in Botswana:

Geiger, M. and Hovorka, A.J. (2015) "Animal performativity: Exploring the lives of donkeys in Botswana", Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 33(6),

According to the authors, they "apply a feminist posthumanist iteration of performativity to illustrate and explain who the donkey is, what they experience, and the context within and through which these performances are constituted."

Alas, the article tells one nothing particularly useful about either donkeys or Botswana.

I really thought you had to be pulling my leg, but clicking through .. amazingly it is legit.

I know, right? First thing I thought when I saw the article was that Alan Sokal is alive and well and living under an assumed name in Bristol, but if so, he forgot to draw attention to his latest hoax. Homo Academicus is getting curiouser and curiouser, as Alice might have said.

Here's another one. "Kim Kardashian is going to the White House to discuss prison reform."


And to think that there is an ass joke lurking there, just waiting to be exposed.

Speaking about donkey's in China

Ethiopia has 5 million donkeys, that is incredible.

I worked with donkeys a few times as a little boy, helping a stakenet fisherman collect his catches. I wasn't allowed to ride them though: that treat was reserved for family holidays. And yet I like salami.

I did not realize that China was investing so heavily in Ethiopia until Cowen's posts from Ethiopia and I read a little about the China-Ethiopia partnership. I know that China was building relationships with countries in Africa, but I did not realize the extent of it. The donkey metaphor rings true, as China like Ethiopia is at once the past (the donkeys), the present, and the future. The China model for economic development appeals to developing countries even as the prevailing view in the U.S. is that the model will inevitably lead to economic collapse. If it does, they will need those donkeys. If it doesn't, well, learn to speak Mandarin and how to ride a donkey.

I was a kid running around the streets (don't know how I survived) in the 1950's south Bronx near Yankee Stadium. There was a horse-drawn wagon selling fresh vegetables. I remember blinders and feedbags.

In upstate NY, there is a small market for draft horses to move/"skid" cut lumber on woodlots when the owners do not want to cut roads.

Our deer hunt club hires two-horse Belgian teams to haul over an old logging road the tent and supplies. Each November We hunt (with NYDEC permit) in the Adirondack Park where no motorized vehicles are permitted.

Having a donkey in camp would assist in dragging in shot deer. One problem ids feed - need to bring it in on the wagon. We have a consistent, sufficient supply of two-legged asses in camp.

I had donkey carpaccio in China several years back, tasted exactly like you would expect raw, worked to death draft animal would. Not recommended.

So they work their donkeys to death and eat them. Why am I not surprised?!

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