Ethiopia reads: donkey mobile libraries

Via Malcolm Clark.


In before Thiago points out that in Brazil they have brick and mortar libraries.

We do. Lots of them. But I guess they are not exotic enough for some people. Maybe this blog should be renamed "Donkeys and Idol-worshipping: Beast of Burden Steps Toward an Exotic Restaurant".

...Restaurant , and awaits supercilious comments from T..o R...o of Ohio via Brazil."

I am not from Ohio!

There probably are not too many actual books in the library. Books weigh a lot, and donkeys are not the strongest draft animal.

what matters is the intent, I guess. Some of these children probably never have seen an actual book before, and having one in their hands would actually encourage them to learn to read.

And not very GERMAN either!

Charming...there is at least one similar initiative in Colombia called biblioburro (which translates more or less as donkey library):

Do you think you could attend an Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Christian service? I don't know what their Church custom is but most Orthodox churches will let you take all the pictures and video you want. Here's some of their Nativity hymns:
And wiki:

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