Seeing *Solo* in Addis Ababa

The movie was more or less watchable, in the modest sense of that term.

The subtitles were in Arabic, and the very nice theater was about 1/5 full.  And yes it was in 3-D.  No one seemed to react to the film at all.

The cinematic references were to Kubrick’s Paths of Glory, Snowpiercer, various James Bond movies, Enter the Dragon, and of course the other Star Wars installments, though never in interesting ways.

One of the characters did not understand subgame perfection.

At one point in the movie they happen across a bunch of people who are dressed like they could be in rural Ethiopia.

Woody Harrelson at times looked like Peter Sellers.

The leader of the rebel alliance was the best character.

By the end of the film, I didn’t seem to mind the whole thing, though I can’t explain why not.

My opinion of George Lucas continues to rise.


so I am guessing it was not "beyond irony and tragedy" like Exodus

Follow the link to Tyler's 2005 take on Star Wars. It turned out to be quite prescient, given what we now know happened after Luke's revival of the Jedi Order. The lesson really does seem to be, no matter how noble the intentions, power corrupts. Noble intentions are insufficient without classical liberal values of Limited Government.

If you don't see the movie alone, you're not really experiencing "solo".

This was a movie made by a focus group of film majors.

It was artificial, safe and more often than not dependent on a character holding the idiot ball.

The best thing that can be said is that new Star Wars films are being made.

Favorite part: Inspire slave rebellion of droids and emaciated slaves, save zero slaves. It was less subtle than your typical MMORPG quest.

It had a bumpy start, but it got there in the end. Donald Glover really did nail Lando Calrissian.

Snowpiercer was very, very bad -- shockingly so -- and I absolutely guarantee you that no one has ever cinematically referenced it. Ever.

Yet, Mr. Cowen has just done that.

Lord, I knew this was coming but somehow I was hoping Tyler would avoid it. Is there anything on the planet more overrated than the "Star Wars" movies? As a franchise, do they really have greater value than say "The Fast and the Furious?" Obviously, the first movie was a cinematic milestone, but the rest are just sequels of varying quality. But since they appeal to a certain middle school clique that then grows up to have a voice in the media, each movie must be analyzed and evaluated as if they were some new revelation from on high,

Okay, buddy. If you can name a single director or producer of one of the Fast and Furious films, I'd maybe consider your point.

Since I can look on IMDB, that isn't hard. But are you trying to argue that Irvin Kershner and Richard Marquance are vastly superior to Rob Cohen and Justin Lin? Disney knows how to market its movies and these days that means hiring directors with some cred. Of course, they can't wander too far or Disney takes away their ability to edit (Gareth Edwards) or fire them outright (Lord & Miller).

I am always amazed, simply amazed, that Tyler spends so much time analyzing kids movies.

Oh come on, it is literally dripping with Straussian sauce! Who is America's most beloved economist? Brad Delong, without question. Whose cousin was fired from directing the Solo movie? Brad Delong's. I leave the simple exercise of connecting the dots between this fact and the Snowpiecer reference to you, but it is blindingly obvious Tyler is confirming the Queen's mother is both alive and a reptile person.

I’m so confused. I wish I understood what you meant by your comment. I’m assuming you liked watching the movie for the reading in between the lines moments?

"One of the characters did not understand subgame perfection." Another case of art imitating life.

"Woody Harrelson at times looked like Peter Sellers."
Contender from top 10 sentence on MR.

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