Gdp will rise!

For the time being, we have turned off comments on MR posts.  Is not a higher gdp a good thing?


Still processing this one.

My guess for now is that it is a reference to this:

It could be good.

(I always worried that Greg Mankiw's blog has no comments because he likes to say things that actually have obvious answers. With no comments is pages are blessedly free of those answers.)

Not sure if it will affect national gdp but it will affect my gdp.

Tyler has been hanging out with Caplan too much. Arbeit Macht Frei!

I speak for myself when I say: "I will miss every one of you."

I would like to give a special commendation to Thiago R, who is a s***-poster par excellence, a cunning warrior and a good friend.

Other honorable mentions are too numerous to mention, so I will not. Just know that your wit and sass will be long missed and forever appreciated.

Thank you. You are not bad yourself.

Do you respect Howard Stern’s penis?

I'm not sure I have such a high opinion of the average commentator, myself included, but the top 10% on a content basis is pretty good.

No, I think comments are useful kind of in the way they are bad. I have called this place of petri dish before. That's the way I view it, and I think it has been useful in that way.

Basically, the way so many of you were wrong in 2016 illustrated perfectly how we got to where we are today.

Where will I find that now? Not Twitter, where if you look for the dark side you don't find bad, you find awful.

Where do we find a representative group that is bad in the way America has become bad?

You polar bear aka anon on the contrary will not be missed. You will have to virtue signal elsewhere. This will be the last opportunity to say this so I will say it. Fuck you.

I think you used your last example to show that you oppose virtue.

And perhaps you prove why comments should be turned off.

If you are not here for virtue, what the hell are you here for?

We could always follow the slatestarcodex lead and start (or populate or revitalize, whichever is appropriate) /r/marginalrevolution over on reddit.

A. total pages views from unique viewers won't change much
B. total time spent viewing a single blog post will decrease
C. comprehension of the actual post will increase (i.e. no more skipping down to the comments)

Can anyone recommend some good alternate blogs to comment on? Something not extremely heavily populated, but not a deserted wilderness either. (there's a certain happy medium of comment rate that allows for decent conversation to occur).

Similar politics

Hazel, perhaps you could simply add handwritten notes to the pages of Tyler's books? That wouldn't have the same audience, of course. BTW, I'll miss your contributions..

I'm in the same boat since Megan McArdle moved to the WaPo; the commenting system over there is so ridiculous and the typical commentariat at the WaPo is so off-putting and unable to engage in a back-and-forth (think rayward or Thiago, but an order of magnitude worse) it's just not worth it to me. Sigh.

I feel that way about Reason. It was okay about 3-5 years ago and then took a steep dive largely due to an invasion of Trump supporting Republicans masquerading as libertarians. Also the comment rate exploded above my comfort point. Most people only have time to digest about 3-4 threads per day with <200 comments each. Any more than that and it all starts to be TLDR.

Reason is a slightly different problem for me; a lot of the commenters have a good sense of the absurd, so it can be a fun comment section; however, there are both too many deadly-serious "always-Trumpers" and just as many deadly-serious "never-Trumpers" and it just gets tiresome.

And I love having the Volokh Conspiracy somewhere else but WaPo, but there have been some particularly dickish commenters who came over to Reason along with them - e.g., Rev. Arthur Kirkland and his ilk.

Again, sigh...

Don’t compare the insufferable Rayward with Thiago, the most rational and virtuous Brazilian I know. He’s also the only Brazilian I know.

If commenters write their own blogs, it would increase GDP. If they run off to Reddit or somewhere else, there will be some frictional loss, but probably a net increase in GDP as some will start a blog or do something more productive with their time. Using hedonic adjustments, the BEA could definitely show you a massive increase in GDP.

GDP will rise, but deficit/GDP is still greater than real GDP growth for the long run.

This is not sustainable without monetization of the debt.

Perfectly reasonable. These comments -- including mine -- lower net gdp

GDP = general data protection

Give me comments or give me their dearth. OK either way.

Lots of government workers use the internet at work, and arguably engaging them with the right to comment eats up more of their time and keeps government off the people's back, so productivity will actually fall if comments are turned off, even if GDP rises.

BTW Marketwatch had a lively comments section about 7 years ago until such time they started moderating the comments, then that site died for me. Articles are boring, you can get the news from any number of places, but the comments are priceless. Especially my comments, which I read and re-read.

A Straussian post. Can Tyler talk down the rate of commenting, like a convincing fed chair can talk down the stock market?

Proposal: Make people create password protected accounts for $10. First time an obscenity is posted, the account of the poster gets deleted. Let the interns keep the proceeds.

Good way to turn "stupid" into an obscenity. I like it!

Indeed, I think this is the point.

Chinese blogs will simply retaliate, turning off comments at an equivalent rate.

Link each account to a PayPal account. At the end of the day charge the PayPal account 2 cents for every comment. Will cut down on the number of fake commenters since the paypal account has to be authenticated and linked to a bank account.

Regarding GDP, this blogger thinks the ban on plastic straws is the best since sliced bread:

Do you respect Howard Stern’s penis?

If you want to improve the real productivity of government employees, let them watch porn at their desks.

TC’s university perhaps holds faculty website comments to a standard higher than a vocabulary up to four letter words.

There seems to be a general consensus developing among the elites that free speech is bad, particularly as speech among the masses converges uncomfortably toward truth.

Shut it down!

As allays, business is ahead of government. Forbes' blog "Digital rules" effectively shut down comments, by requiring an account, and also adding a clunky interface to post comments. This was way back around 2010 or so. It was clear that some truths would offend advertisers. Before the change, every post had a few hundred comments, later, at best a few dozen.

Yes, but doesn't that depend also how the GDP rise is shared? If it's shared by an increasingly small slice of the populace, it's probably bad, especially to the point where many people experience a shrinking share.

The share of income for 95% of tax filers has declined 15% since 1980. Worse yet, the smaller share supports an additional forty million people.

"Worse yet, the smaller share supports an additional forty million people"

Is this a joke? We're talking abut the SHARE of income. It's not like you're dividing a set amount over a given number of people.

A joke? Sorry, I don’t joke around people who hate the common good and the public interest.

Good, hopefully this will stop those Russian trolls from offering differing, uncomfortable viewpoints that sway elections.

Or was it the Hamilton hate that was the final nail in coffin?

"we have turned off"

This place really is charmingly non-technical. I suspect that the rewrite doesn't respect flags the way it should. Anyway, I have had the restraint to not comment on newer topics. Surely that is a virtue ;-)

Why increase economic growth if you can manipulate the GDP?

Running a comments section on a blog is a hard and thankless job.

But I will miss comments, a lot. And probably read less.

I am thankful for the period where they did something nice for us, instead of angry that they stopped doing something nice for us.


After a week without comments, I don't think this was the wrong decision. Good luck. And I hope you'll post more "What I've Been Reading" as I often find it interesting to search for books and authors I'm reading--those posts are usually what come up.

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