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What should I see and where should I eat?  I will be there soon, and any assistance or advice you can offer is much appreciated, thanks!


Dukhan for Georgian! It's on Nizami St. a bit east of the Narimanov Monument.

For Chicken you can't beat this place, they have a secret recipe that I think will amaze you, 11 different secret ingredients:
KFC - Prospekt Azerbaijana 2 | Fontanov Square, Baku 1000, Azerbaijan

The best pizza can be found here, they spend more on their ingredients and it shows in the final product:
Papa Johns - 106 A Nizami Street, Baku, Azerbaijan

For a really nice high end culinary masterpiece, (they also sell clothing, and the designs are world famous, a must buy):
Hard Rock Cafe Baku - Aziz Aliyev 8 | Fountain Square, Baku 1000, Azerbaijan

I am so jealous you get to try these amazing places!!!

This guy deserves an award. Bravo, sir or madam. Bravo.

@TPM - but irony aside, I've found that US chains do not have uniform quality world wide. The McDonald's in the Philippines, as well as the KFC, Pizza Hut, Shakeys, Dunking Donuts (yuk), Krispy Kreme (better, but still not the same as in the USA) and the like are not the same, but usually vastly inferior, to the US equivalents. That's why "PPP" (Purchasing Power Parity) is such a joke IMO, the "international dollar" or unit of currency is a joke. There's really no such thing as "about as good". Your comment in another thread about international medical services comes to mind on this point too. So likely the KFC in Baku is 'different' (and arguably worse) than the one in the USA.

Bonus trivia: the best pizza is found in the northeast corridor of the USA, and only in select places where the water is good, and nowhere else on earth, and that includes Italy. Source: Tyler Cowen.

That source makes no sense Ray. If you are going to attribute something at least understand the delicacies of punctuation. Are the drastic conclusions attributed to Cowan or simply the punchline?

That makes no sense, clockwork. If you're going to criticize someone at least understand the delicacies of how to spell Cowen.

Beluga caviar was $20/kg in there supermarket. Local caviar was $2/kg. Have a great time. You can leave the country with up to 5 kg. Beluga was +/- $90/oz in supermarket here.

Beluga caviar was $20/kg in there supermarket. Local caviar was $2/kg. Have a great time. You can leave the country with up to 5 kg. Beluga was +/- $90/oz in supermarket here.

I would have recommended 'The Camel's Toe', but I believe it was closed down a few years ago.

Try the Vagif Mustafa zadeh house museum. He is an Azerbaijani jazz pianist and the house (apartment, really) museum is small and charming. It's in the old city:,33/lang,en/

Eat manti somewhere.

a wonderful passage from laughter and forgetting takes place in the old city.

In all these blegs, we never hear about the end results. What all were chosen and how did they turn out?

'we never hear about the end results'

Sure we do - we all read the comments, which are a way for this web site to gain content without any real effort on the part of the owners.

Oh lord prior thinks he's 'content'. Kill me now.

Actually, I was going to write SEO content, but I thought that would just be too cynical for Prof. Cowen's more gentle commenters. Seems that was a mistake.

And yes, everything here is grist for the SEO mill. Starting with this comment in the HTML source - 'This site is optimized with the Yoast SEO plugin v6.1.1 -' The irony that critically commenting here increases this web site's reach is unavoidable.

Never been there, but pictures of the subway look interesting. They are also building a new city that looks sort of halfway between appalling and interesting. A weird mix of 19th century European and ultra modern. Tianjin, China is doing the same mix.

Is Baku still the most polluted capital city in the world? In any case, the most unusual thing I've heard about there are the spas where you can take a crude oil bath. I'm not sure what the benefits are, or if any are even claimed (maybe it's just what comes from the tap!) but hey, crude oil bath. Where else can you give that a try? Please report back.

This information may be a bit dated, but for traditional Azerbaijani food in a nice atmosphere in the city center, definitely Beh Beh Club ( For something a bit more touristy and expensive, but in a great setting in the old city you could go for Karavan Saray ( . For something more local, there's the kebab place Otdikh ( For an even more rustic and local feel you could try Pitixana, which had very good pork kebab (,49.8457608,21z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xcc050bbce4271bc7!8m2!3d40.3797679!4d49.8458029). Like I said, it's been a while since I was last in Baku so the information may be a bit dated but these were all kind of classic spots, Beh Beh and Karavan Saray well known among expats, etc., and Otdix and Piti Xana more off the beaten path. You would probably need some basic Azerbaijani or Turkish or at least Russian to get by at the last two.

I've come across a local jazz tradition during my internet travels. Sounds like kind of music that's really worth to hear live

You should try the Shah plov at Mangal inside the old city, close to the tourist information center. You go there and order it 1h in advance. One shah plov is enough for four! Enjoy

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