Those new service sector jobs (Star Wars markets in everything)

Darth Vader Is in Demand at Summer Weddings

Forget flower girls. Couples want stormtroopers throwing petals, and Vader leading the congo line.

There is, however, a shortage.  Note this:

Disney forbids the garrisons from participating in certain events without approval, such as gatherings that promote a local business or professional sporting events. Weddings are allowed because they’re considered “community service.”

The 501st has had to adopt an unofficial list of rules to narrow the number of wedding requests. That includes sufficient space to get dressed in costume and having drinking water available on hot days. The plastic and rubber costumes offer no ventilation. “They’re basically death traps,” said Mr. Johnson, who recently returned from a Star Wars event in Singapore where three people dressed as stormtroopers passed out from the heat.

Here is the full WSJ story, via the excellent Samir Varma.


Star Wars sold out.
When I was young, people had integrity.

Star Wars labor economics is odd.

You got droids doing lots of things. Then you have to buy other droids to tell you what the first droids say because while the worker droids can understand English, they can't speak it. But oddly it seems most people have learned to understand the droid beep language anyway (perhaps to save on buying that 2nd droid).

Despite all these droids, there's a huge need for stormtroopers everywhere. It seems like every part of every ship or base the Empire has is guarded by stormtroopers. Like if I walked through the Pentagon would there be guards outside of everyone's office?

Anyway despite all this there is a huge need for human children to sweep out stalls or sand from open air stores. That seems like the only job droids can't do and the only way to get it done is mass child labor.

One Star Wars premise I always thought was interesting was no new technology. All tech. has already been invented so things like ship design are just applications of existing knowledge....perhaps with fads that come and go. In such a universe I guess it makes sense that junk and scrap is so major. You can use old parts over and over again and if they've been pulling raw materials for thousands of years it's probably cheaper. Sadly I think they relaxed that idea in the more recent movies.

My newer pet theory here: Star Wars is about a ghetto. The Galaxy is run by decentralized markets mostly by non-humans. The humans are a mostly oppressed minority group that live in ghettos. All the wars humans are fighting are like gang battles to run a crumbling inner city. The non-humans get rich selling humans weapons and using them for menial labor or to do illegal jobs. The few non-humans who end up embedded in the story lines are essentially misfits.

Couresant isn't the 'capital of the galaxy'. it's just a flashy pimp with a big Cadillac. The Empire and First Order doesn't really run the galaxy, they are more like a large gang for unemployed young men.

Sooo...the Trade Federation is really running the show?

Would explain things; we see Palpatine is clearly in their pocket...of course he thinks he "controls" them, but that's the delicious irony. His Sith powers give him no insight into the workings of capital and cliometry. The Jedi and Sith are prisoners of socio-economic forces too big for them to comprehend.

Of course, this gives Benincio del Toro's TLJ character a reason to exist. He's basically liberated by his cynicism to see the whole Jedi-Sith dialectic as merely the alienating product of advanced alien capitalism.

paratéreó: to watch closely, to observe scrupulously
"For who [fem.] is better than your older siblings, Jupiter? Why could they be devoured, but not this one [i.e. you]? Also, why were you unharmed [on account of] a woman? Finally you become Jupiter the son of Saturn."

"Disney forbids the garrisons from participating" is lousy English. It should read "Disney forbids the garrisons to participate."

No Jabba the Hutt holding the bride prisoner while the groom is thawed by her big brother? Sad. No imagination.

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