Guayaquil notes

An ideal city for a day trip, fly in and back out in the evening.  It is much nicer and safer than its longstanding icky reputation, and by this point it is probably safer than pickpocket laden, iPhone-snatching Quito (NB: I strap everything to my inner body).  The seafood is first-rate, the city is the future of Ecuador, and I saw more Afro-Ecuadorians than I was expecting to.  Guayaquil overrates its own Malecón, but at some point it will all end up looking good.  Just not yet.  In the meantime, I recommend the Park of the Iguanas.


I think I'll go to the gym today and pick up some hamburger from Key Food on the way back.

It's true what you say, in Quito the robberies to tourists are quite common, a Uruguayan friend stole the phone in the historic center and my camera was stolen in the hotel, I only received insults when claiming.

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I was there recently. I think the city benefitted from the monopoly on flights to Galapagos which are not allowed from any other city. The sopa de mariscos was awesome, as well as the cheesebread. I prefered Quito's charm and architecture, but Guayaquil was not bad.

Whole lotta lizards.

Anything good to read on the economics of dollarization in Ecuador? Better if it's accessible to a layperson

Your penis is clearly tiny. Don’t come here anymore.

Your inner body as opposed to your outer body? Do you attach things to your soul?

"I saw more Afro-Ecuadorians than I was expecting to."

Well how many were you expecting to see? And how did you know?Some AmerIndian facial features are easy to mistake as being of Afro-orgin. I wouldn't be surpised if someone were to mistake people of partial Amerindian descent as having Afro-descent. South America has yet to be thoroughly corrupted with the US's arbitrary neo-apartheid racial classifications. Instead they have a much more sophisticated, and cosmopolitan and nuanced approach with race rarely being a huge factor figuring into everything in the way it is in the US.

Wikipedia offers some figures:

Mestizos, the multiracial group of mixed European and Amerindian ancestry, are by far the largest of all the ethnic groups and comprise around 71.9% of the current population. Whites are estimated at 6.1% and consist largely of those of unmixed or predominant European descent.[10] Most white Ecuadorians are of colonial-era Spanish origin, also known as criollos (literally meaning "local-born Spaniards", as opposed to "Peninsulares", which were Spaniards born in the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. They also include descendants of immigrants from Italy, Germany, and France, as well as other countries. The third most numerous group are the indigenous Amerindians, who account for approximately 7% of the population. Afro-Ecuadorians make up most of the balance of the percentage and include mulattos (mixed European and sub-Saharan African) and zambos (mixed indigenous and sub-Saharan African).

I dreamt I was in Tijuana
Eating barbecued iguana ...

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