Those new (old?) service sector jobs

Nobody ever warns the patients at Pennsylvania Hospital about Pete Schiavo, “The Groin Crusher.”

The first time most people meet Schiavo, they’ve just come out of a coronary procedure and he’s explaining that after the catheters are pulled out of their femoral artery, he’s going to apply pressure to their groin for 20 to 40 minutes to aid in clotting.


Or it would be, if it was anyone else but Schiavo, a gregarious, emotional, wisecracking guy who is all South Philly, even if he lives over the bridge in Jersey now.

Schiavo, 52, was so overwhelmed to learn that reader Sandy Kuritzky, whose husband’s groin he crushed earlier this year, nominated him for this series that he wept tears of joy several times during his interview.

“I know he doesn’t remember me or my husband because he has his hands on so many groins,” Kuritzky said. “But Pete’s attitude with his patients and their caregivers is so upbeat and friendly and caring and funny that it makes a stressful time less stressful and difficult.”

Patients and their families don’t forget the way Schiavo touches them — physically and emotionally. He’s won awards, had money donated in his name, and gets stopped all the time by former patients who want to buy him drinks or dinner.

“I’m holding someone’s groin for 20 minutes, they tend to remember me and nobody else,” Schiavo said. “I tell them: ‘I can promise you two things when I’m done: You’ll never forget my name or my face.’ And they never do.”

Here is the full story, via Dean C.


Not sure about why this story is news worthy. Groin is not nut sack, it's the upper thigh. You tend to remember your dentist too, that's why they get so much repeat business I've heard.

we are in complete and utter anonymous disagreement
with you about whats newsworthy
great headline and great story about a interesting fellla
compare it to this narrative public radio narrative about the highest
mexican homicide rate ever that never actually gets around to
telling the reader what the homicide rate actually is

Hallo, Ich lese alll Ihre article. I wie, uum einen kleinen Kommentar zu Ihrer Unterstützung zu schreiben.

Trump needs to deliver on his job promises because the jobs we've profile at MR lately kind of suck. Dating app ghostwriter, note-taking dog walker, and now this, groin crusher. GM had a massive layoff last month. Foxconn just said the other day they won't create as many jobs in the US as they originally said they would (but thanks for the tax breaks!). Today's job market feels like a swift kick in the nuts.

Maybe if you are a good little girl, Santa will bring you a nice job next December 25.

The job market is fairly good.

Your post is off topic. Go away, anonymous. Go troll elsewhere.

Many of the jobs Cowen highlights require intimacy, in this case intimacy with the groin area of a stranger. Then there's the ghost-writer for the dating app, who applies a fictitious intimacy to communications on the dating app. And the topper: the dog-walker who comforts the dog owner (or is it the dog) with a sense of intimacy between the dog owner and the dog. And so on. These new service jobs might be described as providing virtual intimacy as a substitute for the real thing. In the article Cowen referenced a while back about millennials not having sex, the author described a new service business that is popular in Japan. The service provider watches while her customer masturbates. No touching, just watching. The customers seem satisfied because there's ample repeat business.

Not to mention the Asian girls who listen to coders talk about their stressful jobs.

well from this day forward I am going to vow to improve my cardiovascular health

Before you do, consider what that will do to the groin-crushing industry, you heartless bastard.

Why wouldn't a 10 cent constriction band do this?

suspect it is more difficult to put direct pressure over a deep arterial vessel located in the groin area with a constriction band without
causing other issues
probably hard to observe if there is bleeding
if the site is covered with a constriction band
just guessing

Your guess is right. This was the medical student job when I was in school. It was a job no one wanted, but it seems we were approaching it with the wrong attitude. This guy is a hero in my book just got his attitude.

It’s a shame Schiavo didn’t also inform patients before the surgery that their arteries could be cleared with a whole food plant-based diet prescribed by Drs. Ornish and Esselsyn. This could have avoided the “groin crush”. In the case of open hear surgery, it would have avoided removing an artery in their leg and sawing their clavicle and splicing the artery into their chest cavity. Not to mention the $100K or so cost of the procedure. Given that this approach is now recognized by insurers and the US government for reimbursement, It seems a lot more effective and less painful. That’s not even considering that there arteries could remain permanently cleared as apposed to the short term effect of surgery since the arteries will clog again if they continue their standard American diet (SAD).

u say "sawing their clavicle and splicing the artery into their chest etc."
mebbe u meant to say sawin their sternum

One of the miracles of eating an all plant diet, avoiding GMOs and vaccines, and using essential oils is that your clavicle rotates and replaces your sternum. It looks weird, but it's worth the self-satisfied sanctimony it's associated with.

Excellent condescending observation. Most SAD eaters who have heart attacks have similar observations until the artery blockage sucks the oxygen from their body.

Unfortunately, I’m not an essential oil user and have been vaccinated. I also eat GMO along with the rest of the population whether they like it or not. So, my clavicle won’t rotate and replace my sternum as described. All the more reason to avoid heart surgery and eat plants.

Yes. My bad. In order for surgeons to access your heart, they use a surgical saw to open your sternum, and then stitch the bones back together with wire. It's invasive, physical work.

After heart-bypass surgery, some patients feel pain for several months, while a few experience ongoing, nagging pain for life.

dr.? mcneil
you just bonesawed the patients clavicle instead of the sternum
and all you can say is "my bad"?

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