Markets in everything, outrage edition

I thank D. for the pointer, and I am told this is in Washington, D.C., here you go.


This is an outrage. What kind of store is this? Black is the new black? Something about women. Saw an Asian guy tonight who had a jacket that said "WHITE" on the back. Back 'n BLAAACK! LOL

What is outrageous is that they have a line of clothing dedicated to science.

I thought progressives rejected science. At least in matters related to IQ and evolutionary biology.

heres how it works
you like gorillas? you pick gorillas
you like worms? you pick worms

Any idea if those black jackets are made in America?

Those jackets are demeaning to billionaires. We need to ban them.

This is some NoVa shite. I'm thinking about opening a bar called "It's Mueller Time!" No Russian vodka served there: Only justice and nice cold brews. There will be a raffle for the next showing of Hamilton!

I'd like T-shirt, please, that says "Comport yourself with dignity".

Easily the coolest homeless guy in my town holds up a blank piece of cardboard.

So are Brazilian Blowjobs!

It is not true!!!! There are no such a rhing in Brazil.

Haha I used to give them out for free during my time in Rio.


OnlyFans is the flip side to Outrage:

How can I get in?

Will it be franchised?

When is the IPO?

The Beyonce earings are only 24 dollars.

But a lifetime of being woke (aka misinformed and miserable) can be pretty expensive.

This is the best IMO

'Sisterhood not Cisterhood' Sticker Pack

"*Womxn with an x, acknowledges the historical exclusion of gender expressions. We intentionally use x to hold intersectional space for individuals who identify as trans, genderfluid, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people."

Where is the MAGA store with the huggable Kim Jung Un pillows? Putin brand testosterone supplements..

(oh, that was kind of a response to things now deleted.)

There you go again.

It was mean, but serious. Trump's tweet yesterday, of swelling admiration for Kim Jung Un is disturbing on a basic level, but also rather steps on his "opposition" to socialism. Socialism is ok, when it is accomplished with great violence? Or great violence is ok when it is accompanied with sufficient flattery?

No, socialism is okay when it's somewhere else.

As bad as the Kims are, they have some things going for them. They have been able to secure the independence and unity of North Korea. They are the only hope for a denuclearized Korean Peninsula. They are the only ones who consistently oppose Japan. They are a force for stability in Asia as opposed to Red China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Zionist Entity.

Stop impersonating me!

Barack Obama is greatest president of our lifetime, 44% of Americans say in Pew survey

The thing about shooting fish in a barrel .. is don't be the fish.

I'm old enough to remember when Eisenhower was president and when an uncle came "marching" home from the Korean War.

Reagan is my pick.

Is there correlation to this 40% of college students? “We are seeing an epidemic of mental illness on college campuses across the country. According to national data, 40% of undergraduate students have felt so depressed within the past year that it’s been difficult for them to function, 10% have seriously considered suicide, and these numbers are higher than the numbers for kids and young adults of the same age who are not attending college.”

Such is life in Trump's America

Mohammed bin Salman steak knives.

* - with Chinese steel tariff exclusion applied.

You have to keep your eye on the job because words are very sly, the rubbishy ones go into hiding you have to dig them out. -- Isaac Babel

US Russian trade sanction, with exclusion for Russian rockets. As counter measure it is Russian who are pondering banning the sale of Russian rockets to US.

Rocket engines

Atlas V rockets, which carry military, intelligence and commercial satellites into space, rely on engines made by Russia's NPO Energomash.

The Atlas rockets are manufactured by United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin (LMT), using the Russian engines. The rockets are used by NASA, the US Air Force, the Department of Defense and commercial customers.

If Russia stops supplying the RD-180 thrust engines to the United States — as the draft law threatens to — it could spell trouble for the aerospace industry.

Why there is no MSM report of Russian rocket engines spying on America??

+1. where all the made in china MAGA hats at?

Do they sell pre-rolled Forbes magazines?

Like for rolling doobies?

No display of Phrygian caps (in red, right?)? --or are they waiting to secure the AOC brand for them first? (Or: is AOC launching her own "socialista fashionista" franchise? She owns the lipstick already.)

I don't see any hot anarchist items on display.

Looks as if currency might be accepted on the premises: isn't there some kind of applicable law aimed to preserve "truth in advertising" that could make all the merchandise "free"?

When all else fails, capitalism.

Or are they not keeping their earnings in excess of subsistence to invest/participate in markets to generate wealth for themselves?

From a TV show a few years back:

Kenzi: “I am like a folk hero to these delinks. I am like their Che Guevara!”

Bo: “Do you even know who that is?”

Kenzi: “Dude in the beret,” Kenzi duhs. “Designs tee-shirts for angry youth.”

You wrote this on your made in Marxist China PC/smartphone/tablet, didn't you, comrade JK?

Marxist China, yes, but they were headed for trouble before they expanded the liberty we call capitalism to a wider portion of the population. Socialism, just limits those granted the liberty, with "Communism" simply being socialism, with gun control and bureaucratic control of production.

When all else fails, capitalism is revived. If only to generate some more wealth via the economic means to be confiscated by those whose only can only take wealth by political means.

I wish the left would go back to trying “to get to Denmark”, in the words of Francis Fukuyama and Bernie Sanders (and Tom Friedman?).

In other words, instead of taking their followers down the well worn path towards the quixotic and hopeless (socialism), they tried to adopt some of the things (few? many?) the social democracy Denmark does well. Constant agitation and virtue signaling is not a substitute for sober policy analysis.

This review nutshells it lol:

"Cool merchandise, but they don't put the prices on the items."

I can make all this stuff in my bathroom

If it’s screenprinting, it’s probably going to be better quality than transfer sheets or iron-ons

Your toilet, more specifically.

I only saw women's and unisex clothing. As a white, male I guess I should be outraged. But frankly, gnats don't really bother me.

Hmmmph: and no display of any yellow vests from Paris!

Yet another sad sign of DC-to-Boston susceptibility to/cultivation of "cosmopolitan provincialism".

TC, why the snark? I thought you undergoing a Centrist revival? Weren't you just praising female economists, Hamilton, and Mueller?

Hire more female Customs Agents right!?

And they’re hiring!
I just don’t think I’m outrageous enough. And also it’s upside down. That’s pretty outrageous itself. Is it considered propaganda? Reminds me a bit of politico-art of Shepherd Fairey

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