Nigeria fact of the day

Last year more people were killed in clashes over land between farmers and cattle-herders than were slain by Boko Haram.

By the way:

On February 16th Nigerians will go to the polls in the largest democratic event in African history.


In total Mr Buhari has delivered on just seven of the 222 pledges he made as a candidate, according to the Centre for Democracy and Development, a Nigerian think-tank.

Here is The Economist article.


And how are the deaths from the oil industry in Nigeria - including pilfering from pipelines - looking?

'ABUJA (Reuters) - Sixty people were killed after a fire broke out on Friday on an oil pipeline in the southeast of Nigeria, a spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said on Monday, up from the tally of 16 dead given by officials three days earlier.

The state oil company on Friday said pumping on the System 2E pipeline network had been halted.'

Oops - make that 200. 'The death toll in Nigeria’s Osisioma fuel pipeline fire has risen to 200, up from the 16 deaths originally reported by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) last week.

“The oil pipeline fire outbreak along the Osisioma axis near Aba Depot might have been caused by suspected oil thieves who had hacked into the line to intercept flow of petrol from Port Harcourt to Aba,” a NNPC spokesperson said.'

And every few months, a tanker seems to cause 10 or so fatalities in Lagos itself.

Is your point that the Oil industry is much safer than farming vs cattle-herding in Nigeria?

Yes but Boko Haram and terrorism in general is a really great excuse for the Americans to spend trillions of their dollars to save the world. Cattle-herders fighting farmers make American neocons feel so irrelevant.

'a really great excuse for the Americans to spend trillions of their dollars to save the world'

Or at least ensure stable oil production. With at best moderate success, admittedly.

Yet, somehow, Brazilians are the bad ones. Not terrorists, not Red China, not Japan, only Brazilians.

Dude - no one thinks Brazilians are 'the bad ones'. No one thinks about Brazil at all.

Not true. Foreign press criticizes Brazil, but refuses to acknowledge Brazil's feats. Ir is the bigotry of slandering Brazil.

The American president gets a clean bill of health while the president of Brazil is half-dying in intensive care because of a tiny, little flu. This is why America is great again and Brazil is not. This is not slander this is truth. #MAGA2020

It is not true. Trump is ill. President Captain Bolsonaro survived a (Chinese?) terrorist attack.

Lagos: An Economist Does Lunch:

So in a country of almost 200 million souls each individual voter has the ability to assess the quality of the candidates for office and make the best decisions for whom to vote into national office. Those same voters wouldn't dream of making a decision based on similar available information in hiring an employee or selecting a mate but democracy is the best way to pick an overlord.

The farmer and the cowman should be friends.

Well, the field and the cow certainly are.

This election is a repeat of Clinton vs. Trump, with Buhari in the role of Clinton and the challenger, Abubakar, in the role of Trump. There's even this outrageous claim about Buhari: "Mr Buhari even felt compelled to publicly address one conspiracy theory that he had died and been replaced with a clone, joking at a meeting with Nigerians in Europe in December that “it’s [the] real me, I assure you”.

Is Buhari an unlikeable, drunken harridan?

"(...) Joking at a meeting with Nigerians in Europe in December that “'it’s [the] real me, I assure you'. "

Isn't it exactly what a clone would have said?

If Ramez Naan is to be believed, the safe thing to do would be to slaughter all or as many of the Nigerian cattle herds as possible to forestall Nigerian contributions to the advent of Technogenic Climate Change so that American farmers can continue to assess climatic data.

Wouldn't Commissar Cortez concur?


My first thought was Boko Haram needs to up its game.

Most Americans don't vote at all in most elections, especially off-year elections & primaries -- so ID requirements are not the big problem overall.

Need a Quorum reguirement to elect anybody.

At the height of his American career, Master Juba's act featured a sequence in which he imitated a series of famous dancers of the day and closed by performing in his own style. Being a black man, he appeared with minstrel troupes in which he imitated white minstrel dancers caricaturing black dance using the phenomenon Blackface. Even with his success in America, his greatest success came in England.

I think often they are of different tribes: Hausa Fulani cattle-herders and Yoruba farmers.

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