Hypnotist markets in everything

Those new service sector jobs:

This hypnotist charges half a bitcoin for helping you remember your lost cryptocurrency password…

“If you’ve got, you know, $100,000, $200,000, $300,000 worth of bitcoin in a wallet and you can’t get access to it, there’s a lot of stress there,” he says. “So it’s not just as simple as saying, okay, we’re going to go do a 30-minute hypnosis session and enhance your memory.”

Miller declined to specify the exact number of participants in his bitcoin password recovery program or how much money he’s recovered, citing client confidentiality. However, he says that there are currently “several people” in his program, who are experiencing varying degrees of success.

Generally, a person who created their password more recently will have an easier time unlocking this memory, he says. Likewise, a client who is feeling low stress will have an easier time remembering their password than one under high stress.

Miller is located in Greenville, South Carolina.

For the pointer I thank Nick Glenn.


"are experiencing varying degrees of success"

I.e., some are remembering and some are not??

Some sold during the boom, some sold during the crash.

Some can't remember.

Maybe the IRS can help them to remember how much money they owe. It has means to make people remember things.

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Are there lots of people in Greenville, SC who (1) invest in cryptocurrency, (2) don't write down their passwords, and (3) rely on faith healers, I mean hypnotists? "They really start feeling better and forgiving themselves for losing this information," he says. "And that's actually when the recovery process begins." Recovery of the password or recovery from stupid?

How many clients re-discover their password was password?

* Hypnosis definition: a silly game of two people lying to each other

Not quite. There's an asymmetry of power.

Business opportunity:

Offer a money back guarantee plus fifty dollars for password recovery.

Hypnotize your client, get their password, empty their cryptocurrency accounts, change the password, wake your client up, apologize for failing to discover their password, pay out your $50 fees with the stolen money.

Technically this is a Pareto efficient outcome as both parties are made better off.

People who believe in crytpocurrencies would never fall for a scam.

By the way, "the number of cryptocurrencies available over the internet as of 19 August 2018 is over 1600 and growing."


That's even better than the idea I was going to suggest: the hypnotist makes them an offer, results guaranteed or you owe nothing. If successful, fork over 5% of your bitcoins.

And then the hypnotist does essentially nothing, except help the client spend a half hour guessing the password.

If successful, it's a free 5%. If not, the hypnotist hasn't lost anything except a half hour of his time.

Note though that the hypnotist in this scenario is not doing anything useful at all, except injecting himself into the situation and walking off with 5% of the funds.

It's similar to an article that I read about college admission consultants in Russia. They promise the parents they'll get their kid admitted to Moscow State Univ or wherever, guaranteed; if the kid doesn't get in you owe nothing.

And then the college counselor proceeds to do nothing. But if the kid gets admitted, the parents will be so ecstatic they'll gladly hand over the consulting fee. If not, they walk off but the consultant has lost nothing -- because they were providing no useful services in the first place.

Has he hypnotized them to make them buy bitcoins?

Other people did that bit.

Can I hypnotize people to make them thonk mymold shoes are the currency of the future?

"Generally, a person who created their password more recently will have an easier time unlocking this memory" - charlatan alert!

It's well known that long-term memory is easier to recall than short-term memory. I myself have memorized every Era, Eon, Period and Epoch in geological time according to the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS). It's annoying when every few years they change the boundary points. I've not yet memorized ages.

Bonus trivia: Rock of Ages is a jukebox musical built around classic rock songs from the 1980s.

When I had cancer in 1997, I found hypnotism useful in helping me overcome the depression and fear that was bogging me down in the daunting task of choosing the right oncological treatment.

Hypnotism can help lower your mind's resistance to suggestions, so I wrote up a pep talk for myself and had my hypnotist give it to me while I was hypnotized. It did a lot to cheer me up and overcome my feelings of hopelessness that were threatening to make me give up the tiring work of fighting cancer medically.

I of course don't promise that hypnosis would benefit everybody in a similar situation, but my anecdotal data point is not unreasonable.

Using fake money to pay for fake services with fake results. I'm a libertarian. If everyone is in on the act or ok with the result then who cares?

What an opportunity.

Get, as a client, who forgot the password.

Hypnotise the client to reveal the password and to forget that he told you the password.

Drain the account while telling the client the effort was unsuccessful.

ooops. someone above had the same thought.

Great minds think alike, Bill

In Miami we have lots of "Botanica" stores that promise benign magic

Seances next.

I sell a patented line of ouija boards with special characters.

Well, owning currencies that costs alot and forgetting the pass that let you access them itself gives me stress. However, check the FLX coin from https://folex.io/, they are also introducing this crypto gambling thing and I think its far better idea to multiply your currencies through gambles, or loose them rather than forgetting them.

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