Damien Hirst markets in everything

The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas is taking the concept of luxe travel to a whole different level. Its new Damien-Hirst-designed Empathy Suite costs $100,000 a night.

The room is the most expensive in America, beating out one at The Mark hotel, which previously held the accolade at $75,000 a night. And Empathy is also one of the world’s most expensive hotel accommodations, according to The Palms. (In fact, it’s potentially the most expensive: The Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva — at about $80,000 a night — was the world’s most expensive suite in 2018, according to Lonely Planet.)

…The room was designed by world-renowned artist Hirst and showcases a number of his well-known original pieces, like the iconic “Winner/Loser,” with two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde.

Hirst — who is known for controversial pieces — also created a 13-seat curved bar filled with medical waste, and hanging above the bar is Hirst’s “Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time,” which features a marlin skeleton and taxidermy marlin.

Here is more text and photos, noting that perhaps the high price is in part “advertising” so that major gamblers feel good when the room is comped to them?

Via the excellent Samir Varma.


Well, Hirst has learned about formaldehyde by now, so one can be confident it is worth every cent.

Too bad Jho Low is a little short on cash recently.

This is exactly the useless crap our elites put on display to show how superior they are while regular people get drugged on opioids as their middle class dreams slip away. Vote populism in 2020. #populism4ever

I'm no populist but this is obnoxious.

If you think "elites" are booking that suite I dont know how to help you.

Agreed, and going back to Tyler's "perhaps the high price is in part “advertising” so that major gamblers feel good when the room is comped to them?"

Thats what I think. Plus an insane amount can be deducted from the gamblers comp balance in lieu of giving something that has actual cash value.

This post seems to be missing a link to the article it refers to, i.e. none of the links mention the Empathy Suite or have pictures of it.

Don't worry, if important in the eyes of those responsible for this web site, it will be corrected. If it is something trivial like the proper link to a Mercatus Center book, it will be ignored however.

I guess one can't buy good taste.

Hirst's taste in art is much better than Bolsanaro's taste in tweets.

No, it is not. President Captain Bolsonaro mainly uses his Twitter to conduct official business, inform the population about his decisions. It is something like your Congressional Record.

You can't compare it with America's tacky decoration.

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we know that its you!
how come a previously stable
high tax democratic socialist country
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It is a complex situation. To control the public budget, President Captain Bolsonaro has decided to slash expenses, sell state assets and cut pensions and entitlements.

dr. Krugerand- we can't help noticing
you are talking about brazil not finland
don't worry we will come back to that
so it looks what las vegas did was rebrand the platinum suite as the
"empathy" suite and raise the price.
we now have empirical evidence that
empathy is over-rated/over?

The point is, only a ruthless leader can cut the budget to the bone. President Captain Bolsonaro is a black ops/jungle war-trained operative. He is a lean, mean killing machine.

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keeled over because of rising health costs?
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3 do you have a bales of sociology research that we can haul
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President Captain has vowed ro keep govwrnment affordable.

sounds like we are gonna need to get a better look
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Just wait for Anish Kapoor.

Sounds like one big expensive memento mori.

Nobody pays rack rate.

The Palms is an off-the-strip property which, along with the nearby Rio, cater to the LA version of Euro-trash. Why would a high-roller stay there rather than one of the high-end properties on the Strip? Answer: They won't.

When they comp you the room, do the hookers and blow come with it?

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