Compensating differentials

And even though [David] Crosby underwent a liver transplant in 1994, all four are active today. Does this mean we’ll see them together onstage again? [Graham] Nash stated in an interview not long ago that the band was offered $100 million to go on tour. But that’s not going to happen, he said, for one simple reason: “We don’t like each other.”

That is from David Kirby’s review of the other CSNY biography to have come out this month, also a good book.


Inputs: David Crosby is 77 years old and has a net worth of $40m. If one of these figures were significantly lower then the calculation would change.

I savor, result in I found just what I was taking a look for.

You've ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day.

I wish the documentary about CSNY (Fifty By Four) had never been made. It surely reminded them of how dysfunctional they were together, and how much they really don't like each other. In any case, my understanding is that Stills is deaf, or almost deaf, and his voice reflects it. Nash is the one promoting a reunion tour, but are he and Crosby able to harmonize at age 77 the way they did when they were young(er)? I'd prefer to remember them before their talent declined with age.

This is eight years old, but they could sure harmonize with Paul Simon.

“We don’t like each other.”

Not one of them has avoided being the meat and potatoes of divorce lawyers. They also have a ant heap of ba*tard children between them. Maybe they're just...not very likable .

"Love love love . . . love love love . . . love love love" that other Fab Four crooned only short decades ago: sigh alas alack.

What an unloving and unloved world the Boomers leave us with . . . .

Oh well, so much for utopian idealism.

77 is silent generation...

'Sez who? The explosion in the propensity to sue people for divorce began with the cohorts born in the late 1930s. The ratio of men who had military service to those who did not was about 1.85 for the cohorts born during the years running from 1930 through 1938, less than half that for the cohorts born from 1939 through 1953. Pop music for Silents was Brubeck and Nat King Cole, not 60s stuff.

& replaced it with coercive surveillance.

Reminds of one of my favorite songs, "Wooden Ships." "Wooden Shits On The Water."

We are fortunate in that the technology for very accurate recording and playback of musical works was perfected in the postwar world. We are the first generations that can rely on our senses rather than our memories to enjoy these artists at their peak.

The Byrds - great.
The Hollies- great.
The Buffalo Springfield - great.
CSN&Y - what a comedown. Their only good songs (Our House, Marrakesh Express, Treat Your Children Well) would have been as good or better as Hollies songs.

What? Woodstock, Ohio, Southern Cross, Wooden Ships, Suite Judy Blue Eyes, Helpless...

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