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In fact, recognising a face is only the first step of biometric surveillance, he suggests. “It’s really like an entry-level term to much broader, deeper analysis of people’s biometrics. There’s jaw recognition — the width of your jaw can be used to infer success as CEO, for example. Companies such as Boston-based Affectiva are doing research that analyses faces in real time, to determine from a webcam or in-store camera if someone is going to buy something in your store.”

Other analyses, he adds, can be used to determine people’s tiredness, skin quality and heart rate, or even to lip-read what they are saying. “Face recognition is a very deceiving term, technically, because there’s no limit,” he concludes. “It ends ultimately only with your DNA.”

That is from Madhumita Murgia at the FT.


I worry about the fact that the technology won't be able to distinguish me from Al Pacino.

You shouldn't worry about that. Al Pacino should worry about that.

Biometric surveillance: how a human face appears to a human ass.

The for profit surveillance society might just be one reason that the far sighted are praising B-B.

Many companies doing this are following Fake it until you make it plans, except there is nothing to make. We’ve seen how far a non functioning product can go with Theranos.

Without strong papers and replication, many claims about predictions based on biometrics,it’s not crazy to assume claims are barely better than hogwash.

Your comments give hogwash a bad name. Hogwash is a useful and indeed vital product.

So, how well does the iPhone do at identifying only those authorized to access the device? And what is the fundamental barrier to such technology expanding further into daily life?

Especially is people perceive some sort of benefit - oh, maybe a loyalty card that brings you all of the privileges and benefits of being tracked?

(And keep in mind that while passwords can be shared, sharing faces is not as easy - making it much easier to uniquely identify a device's owner - and all the actions that owner took.)

Sounds like a modern version of Phrenology.

I propose we create a system to remotely measure the bumps on a person's head to infer its success as CEO.

Mark Barbieri already stole my idea.

I didn't see Mark B mention "Trump's America." Are you sure you're on the right thread?

If facial recognition is about one thing so far, it is about overfitting.

But perhaps also some good government contracts with those who don't understand that.

How dare you not buy into the latest (third by my count) cycle of AI hype!!!

My first round was in the mid-80’s, with built to purpose workstations. Enthusiasm waned when the team finally recognized that the mean time-between-crashes was shorter than the compute time for non-toy real-world problems. Reality beat hype. Good times.

Who is pushing and expanding facial recognition technology & deployment? The usual suspects.

US Homeland Security just announced plans to install facial recognition systems at all US airports.

"To be governed is to be watched over, inspected, spied on, directed,

legislated, regimented, closed in, indoctrinated, preached at,

controlled, assessed, evaluated, censored, taxed and commanded; all by creatures with neither the right, wisdom, nor virtue to do so."
(PJ Proudhon)

From my experience in working retail, gentlemen who leave their DNA in a store are unlikely to buy anything.

You've obviously never worked in a sex shop with attached theatre (the "re" means it's classy)

When will the app be available that enables one to use the camera on their smart phone to get every record from birth to the present of the government authority that's attempting to recognize their face?

Or asking the government authority to erase history?

Why would DNA be the end? Someone will push on to epigenetics.

Yeah, and don't forget the sensors to identify which customers are ovulating or and which ones are trying to impress a date.

A lot of people are going to make a lot of money selling hyped up and overfitted regression algorithms.

And scientifically illiterate guys like Tyler Cowen are here to help with the marketing and hyping

Scientifically illiterate guys like TC also review manuscripts and conference abstracts. Want to grow your CV? Instead of doing a logit on your data, put it through an algorithm like random forest and put the word "machine learning" in your title. Then sit back and watch your h-index grow as others cite you, first approvingly, then to discredit your results (a citation is a citation).

I wonder which journals TC reviews for...

I like to watch the highlights of soccer matches. Often I can recognise players by their gaits.

I suppose that in everyday life someone who didn't want to be recognised by his gait would just put a pebble in his shoe.

"That's dearieme. It puts a pebble in its shoe thinking it can fool us."

"the width of your jaw can be used to infer success as CEO"

Or the complexity of your comb-over can be used to predict the date of your impeachment.

it's a sales pitch. Caveat audiens

I know a guy with a truly massive jaw but he has trouble reading, so I don't know if he'd be a great CEO. But President of the United States or leader of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, sure.

As machines can use senses that go beyond those of a human to read your emotional state they will get better at it than humans, if only because they will have more information at their disposal. And this will be used to separate you from your money.

But both before and after that happens people will attempt to separate you from your money the old fashioned way by lying about and exaggerating what their machines can do.

"There’s jaw recognition..."

That was how Silver St. Cloud, Bruce Wayne's girlfriend during the Steve Englehart ruin back in the '70s, managed to figure out that he was Batman.

i wonder how long before there are disparate impact issues with this modern day phrenology?

My ML app will determine your success with a convolution neural network on the credit card digit numbers. Please send me all your credit card details.

My CNN predicts life expectancy based on mole patterns on your skin (i.e., Send nudes).

Hitler and the nazis would so be in love with this technology. They required pretty questionable methods to determine who is an Übermensch or how do jews differ anatomically. But with this, the whole process becomes so much easier - the Führer buys it!

Insert 1984 reference

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