Stupid but wonderful sentences

Traveling and not traveling, this is what I do.

That is from Bernard-Henri Levy (NYT), it was preceded by this:

I do not live very differently when I travel and when I don’t, which means I do my duty. My duty is to read, to write and to fight. These are the three things that are my duty.


BHL is a vacuum surrounded by an image reflected in a mirror.

"...the French philosopher is traveling to 22 European cities this year. All he needs are ..."

He has a big carbon footprint. Shame!

What a diva =)

In French a hyphen in a name or last name means old money. Prof. Cowen, the hypen is in the first name.

So, a rich philosopher. He has his audience. If you're not a French aspiring to be rich and "cultured", dropping the name has not even signalling value.

He’s a new money peid-noir.

"He’s a new money peid-noir."

You mean pied-noir. Yes, he's from a Jewish family from French Algeria. His money comes from his family (he himself has been a mediocre businessman, although very good at self-promotion), made through various businesses (in other words, not aristocratic).

He is center-left, mostly vacuous, fake, self-aggrandizing "intellectual". I'd say he represent the "establishment". I'd say Hillary is pretty close to his ideology, although she's not Jewish.

He carries several bags when he travels, filled mostly with books. He has simplified his wardrobe by dressing the same way every day (unbuttoned white shirt, dark suit). In many ways, Cowen is America's BHL: not only the extensive travel, but the many books he has written and the many books he carries with him, and soon enough, Cowen will be described as one of America's leading philosophers. Does Cowen have a signature look?

I don't know what prompted me to read your comment, I normally skip them.

Well, that was a waste of time.

This article had many practical and actionable tips for how to travel and spend my free time.

"This interview was condensed and edited slightly for clarity."

More like condensed for charity with this guy right folks.

You're not so different, him and you.

BHL does not “fight”. What he does do is “argue”. The downside is considerably less.

BHL does not "argue". What he does do is "bullshit". Arguably, the downside is even less.

BHL makes Tom Friedman seem grounded and intelligent.

Okay, now you're pushing it. Nobody makes Tom Friedman seem grounded or intelligent. BHL could only dream of mixing and mangling metaphors as ineptly as Tom.

Stupid but wonderful, indeed. It may be saddling up a dead horse, but thanks for that link.

I read the article and it seemed to read "traveling or not traveling, this is what I do."

Veni, legi, dedidi?

An Amazon review of one of his books says,

If you like a simple, disarmingly spontaneous yet intricate and precisely crafted tale, where the author gives full rein to his imagination while sticking meticulously to the facts and offers bold conclusions bolstered by caveats and contradictory alternative possibilities—in other words, if you love nonsense, the more words the merrier, you might like American Vertigo. If you are enthralled by post-World War-Two French thinking that makes navel-gazing seem like interstellar travel, and yearn to be swept away from your quotidian worries in a torrent of jumbled verbiage, you might like American Vertigo.

so what?

That was hilarious.

So what was wonderful about the sentence? Anyone? Seems rather pedestrian to me. Maybe it sounded better in French.

One nice (maybe more different than nice) thing about France is that it is truly republican in the sense that it lacks the aristocratic affinity for ironic detachment and distaste for anything that smacks of try hardism. Levy is an earnest piece of shit and that’s kind of refreshing compared to a culture takes earnestness as a sign of lameness. When Thomas Friedman started to take himself seriously he got chewed up and spit out BHL has been going around acting like this for decades.

I imagine free-lance philosopher/authors, like journalists, will find their travel budgets constrained in the coming years. At least he's going out in style.

Farting and not farting, that is what I do. My wife is the same way.

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