China fact of the day

In 2014, in 17 Ex-Im transactions the primary borrower was the Export-Import Bank of China.

Nothing against China but well…um…hmm…!  Here is the full George Will Op-Ed.


I am pretty sure the Red Chinese regime is awesome and there is a good reason for it to rob America blind and threat world peace.

Oops sorry, that was supposed to be me!

Simply Awesome!!! This is why you’re my favorite.

That is the impersonator. I have been banned.

Maybe if you didn't want to be bsanned, you should not have engaged in criminal blogging behaviot.

I have done nothing wrong.

Obviously you did, or you would not have been banned. You are like those people in the collapsing American regime who want to let many people out of prisons. If they did not want to go to jail they should not have done crimes.

It is not the same. I am more like a political prisoner.

It is the same. You are being punished. If you do not want to be punished, do not commit the crime.

I commited no crime whatsoever!!!! I am being treated as a political prisoner like someone in the Gulag or in Auschwitz.

That is what criminals always say.

But people who have been to Gulag or Auschwitz can say that, too.

My point is, the ban is unfair. "Liberty is the soul's right to breathe, and when it cannot take a long breath, laws are girded too tight. Without liberty, man is a syncope. "

" but well…um…hmm…"

What does this mean?

Asperger U, or Skool of Hard Knocks? Pretty obvious it's meant to signal ironic embarrassment.

Perhaps the post title should be "Solve for the equilibrium"

Another case of distracting the peasant monkeys while the king monkeys steal all the monkey biscuits.

I write not to praise the Ex-Im Bank. I'm for very-limited government and minimal market interferences/interventions.

We already know establishment Republicans are little different than Democrats.

If the Ex-Im Bank is socialism, everything the government does is.

Then, he insists on throwing around (a manure spreader comes to mind) numbers, which is not his strength.

I guess he gets paid by word count, not background, context or perspective; to inflame rather than inform.

Such is life in post-Obama America.

"If the Ex-Im Bank is socialism, everything the government does is. "

Let me give you a handy cheat sheet:
- If the Democrats do it; it's socialism. Even if the Republicans used to do it or will do it again later.
- If the Republicans do it; it's um, well, something else.

- Welfare to poor people: socialism
- Welfare to corporations: um, well, um somethingerother.

George Will: is he still alive?

You must forgive the Republicans - especially the ones who tried to hold some pretense about being intellectuals or principled - after a few cycles in and out of office, plus a round of Karl Rove and his ilk, then followed by the post-ideological chaos that is Donald Trump... they don't know whether to poop or go blind. It's really hard to get to Trump's right or just a little bit to his left or actually to get in the ring with him. So occasionally a panicked GOP pundit finds themselves forced to crib the left's talking points just to try and carve out a differentiated niche.

Alas and alack.

If the Democrats run up the debt it is socialism if the Republicans run up the debt it is capitalism. The Dems that proudly wear the name of socialism is more intellectually honest than 99% of the Republican party.

"In 2018, deprived of subsidized Ex-Im loans, Boeing, America’s 23rd-largest corporation by market capitalization ($193.24 billion as of Tuesday evening), and 27th largest by revenue ($101 billion), had its best year ever."

- yes and and not going to the hospital makes you healthier

Always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours.

2019 will not be Boeing's best year ever. Buyers have leverage now. They demand loans to buy your crashy planes. Said loans are now available! A beautiful coincidence.

Crony capitalism. No idea how much the bribery costs. Don't forget how much good they do for us.

Stuff like this makes an enviro like me question the notion that economic growth is always an organic, inevitable imperative. Probably best to keep it from me. I will never be able to understand it in the right way.

Not that I have a problem with the businesses the bank has chosen to prop up.
I guess this is more a matter of diplomacy; but as usual, we are not consistent, so no one takes us seriously.

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