U.S.A. historical facts of the day

In 1820-1821, commerce between America and Haiti accounted for 4 percent of America’s foreign trade.

“Historians agree that about one in ten slave ships experienced an attempted insurrection during the Atlantic slave trade.”


“Liability for slave ship revolts was one of the maritime perils that underwriters often refused to assume.”

Those are all from Jeffrey R. Kerr-Ritchie’s Rebellious Passage: The Creole Revolt and America’s Coastal Slave Trade.


I forgot where I saw that trade between the Americas and Africa at some point became trivial, maybe after the UK outlawed slavery? At some point slavery became self-sufficient.

Bonus trivia: ancient Rome and other cultures did not allow white slaves to reproduce, hence the slave population constantly had to be replenished.

Did they allow black or brown slaves to reproduce? Who knew the Romans were so racist.

Nobody knew, mainly because Roman slavery had no racial component at all.

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The federal Act prohibiting importation of slaves into the US took effect in 1808.

@Ray Lopez.

Ah, thanks. But apparently this act was not really enforced. It also encouraged the construction of fast 'clipper ships' not unlike the 'cigar boats' used by drug smugglers today to outrace the law.
See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Act_Prohibiting_Importation_of_Slaves#Effectiveness_and_prosecutions_for_slaving

Slavery is one of the oldest trades known to man with records dating back 4,000 years.
People from virtually every major culture, civilization, and religion have enslaved their own other peoples.

Overwhelming attention and condemnation has been directed at the tragedy of the African slave trade, from the 16th to 19th centuries. But slavery was a worldwide practice.
Consider even the estimated 1.25 million Europeans who were enslaved by the so-called Barbary corsairs in 17th Century --their lives were just as pitiful as their black African counterparts. They were known as the white slaves of Barbary.

But everyone runs the stop sign, officer. How can you give me a ticket?

That's like saying that civil wars have been a feature of human history including in our time, so why has so much attention been paid here to the American Civil War. It's because the Civil War is essential to understanding our history and who we've become and will become. I'm sorry if it bores you to hear about it.

Are you Afro-American, Donald Pretari? In Greece, a lot of old timers used to complain the Turks enslaved the Greeks for 400 years. The Janissaries were the caste of soldiers largely recruited from Greek peasant boys. Some historians say the Greek families eagerly sought to sell their boys into slavery to get them away from the house.

Bonus trivia: the Ottoman empire in the 19th century got something like two-thirds of their state revenue from taxing their non-Muslim, largely Greek, subjects. Who is the analogue in today's USA? Maybe the people in the top 10% of the income bracket who pay the majority of the taxes?

Ray, Did you know the Janissaries were taken from the Greeks as boys, converted to Islam, and raised to be committed to their Ottoman masters in order to have soldiers severed from family connections? If they were Turks, their families could use their influence to get out of service, be loyal to their families first, etc?

Yes, Donald, I understand so much better when I’m constantly reminded of the slavery.

Whereas I am suspicious that it bothers you?

John Smith, So you're such an expert that a new text on an interesting aspect of slavery couldn't add to your knowledge? That 's the only issue. You obviously have some agenda having nothing to do with the post. Does the mere mention of a new book on slavery, whatever its merits, really bother you? And why?

Donald, you wrote: “I'm sorry if it bores you to hear about [slavery]”.

Your comment had nothing to the availability of “a new text”. Unless maybe you meant hearing the audiobook version?

Disingenuous POS.

The evils of slavery past is a subject that dominates current US thought, as if buying and selling people regarded as subhuman and then making them pick cotton was absolutely the worst thing that you could do to them. Conveniently spiraling into the memory hole is the fact that these slaves worked on land that was taken from the indigenous by force including the murder of them and their families. The descendants of the slaves now flourish or get by but there are no descendants for the millions of natives that once occupied the land. Nobody weeps for them.

Native American ancestry is thinly but widely mixed. The median American has some.


Chuck, You bring this up every time a new book on slavery is discussed. I've asked you before....What's your point? Plenty of people weep for Native Tribes. The two aren't mutually exclusive. So, what's your point?

In many places in the South, indeed in some states in the South, the slave population exceeded the white population; hence, whites lived in fear of slave rebellion. I have mentioned the Stono Rebellion near Charleston in 1739 (when the slave population in SC exceeded the white population). History of the rebellion usually focuses on the number of whites killed by the rebelling slaves (who were seeking their freedom in Spanish Florida), but at least twice as many slaves died. In response, the SC legislature passed the Negro Act of 1740, which prohibited assembly and education of blacks and restricted the importation of African slaves because they were considered more rebellious. I suppose they were today's equivalent of the pit bull terrier.

I've read the only place in the south, not "many places", were blacks > whites was your home state rayward of South Carolina.

Bonus trivia: PCR biotech inventor Kary Mullis, also an LSD user, was born, as was Ben Bernanke, in South Carolina. Does SC living make you exceptional? Ask rayward!

'not "many places", were blacks > whites'

Time to repost a link concerning Virginia and the 1800 census - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1800_United_States_Census The eastern district (think tobacco growing) was majority slave. And the eastern district was 2/3 of the Commonwealth's population. The western district, along with Fairfax and Alexandria, had a much smaller slave population (which explains why West Virginia exists, of course).

Nonetheless, the most populous state of the U.S. at the time was about 40% slave, with some counties actually being 2/3 slave. And if one were to use today's boundaries for the Commonwealth of Virginia, it was basically majority slave in 1800.

Thanks c_p, in the link you cited, if you count both eastern and western districts of VA you will notice the slave population was about 39% of the total, whereas in South Carolina it's about 42%. In neither state were slaves the majority. I didn't know VA had so many slaves however.

Insurrection on 1/10 slave ships? A salute to those heroes!

God willing, someone will end slavery before the 21st century ends.

America, England, Holland, Portugal, Spain didn't have monopolies on slaving.

In 1631, Algerine/Muslim pirates raided the village of Baltimore, County Cork kidnapping 107 Irish men, women and children who were sold into slavery in North Africa. The local Anglo-Irish aristocrat, Richard Boyle, refused to ransom the 107 souls.

It seems, the Creole revolt killed only the captain and a passenger: both missing. Pretty benign, I think.

I didn't realize you were that old, hun.

I'm that old, darling'. I remember when America was a free country.

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