We’re a Niche, We Just Didn’t Know

That is the new Medium essay by Anna Gát, it is the best attempt I know of to formulate a “new ideology” of sorts, or maybe a new manifesto, but also a post-political one.  Here are a few scattered bits:

Let’s imagine the I.I. [Inter-Intellect] as a loose-knit on/offline niche of people with similar mental energy: we seem to have roughly the same companion + kindness + information needs, activity levels and communication preferences…

We seem to prioritize open discussion and collaboration across differences, and establishing projects that can address real-world questions better…

We believe individuals are capable of acting virtuously without external intervention and judging the consequences of their own actions, and that open discussion of our life plans, decisions or progress can inspire others.

“Example over slogans” is the tldr…

Being conscious of this, the I.I. is age-agnostic and instead problem/progress focused.

Interesting throughout.


I will definitely read but I bet it won't mention PATENT even once.

Oh wow, just read it, it's Hegel's "World Spirit" in a Facebook/ Twitter friendly format. It's cool, some truth to it.

Geist, a good clue, thank you, I looked it up.

I’ve felt “united” with slash connected to various people on the bases of shared intellectual interests, political beliefs (social liberal, fiscal conservative, fear of and hostility to contemporary identity politics), sports interests, work colleagues, even neighbors who like to read. But I can’t say that I’ve ever been connected to anyone on the basis of intellectual energy.

Tedious. Basically a long " we are this and we are that but we are not modest".


Modesty is overrated. The last 10 Presidents did not hold the highest office in the land because they were modest. I became President because I told King George to back the f** off. Cockily, I might add.


Are you still angry with me? It's been 232 years and not a word. Forgiveness is a virtue.

Text me.


Seems like a really long-winded way of saying,"some people are autocrats."

I am still figuring out that II axis thing.

OK, something happened, the internet has become its own history. Somehow a bit of order came of the chaos.

She has described the changes by asking, essentially, if the survey taker likes this or that new internet 'measure', she is testing the hologram because a self constraint arrived from the chaos.

"All of a sudden it looked like our weird, super-productive lives do intersect! "

...and this is a how a coach is born =)

Someone consuming ideas of self-improvement for years realizes the profit is not in doing the hard work of providing an actual service to people, but on selling self-improvement ideas to younger people.

After reading the text, I immediately thought about this https://fuckupnights.com/ It's a group of like-minded people that get together, grow up and have fun . The glue for the fuck up nights group is to have a groups of friends where you feel no shame to talk about your failed business ventures.

Mrs. Gát is intelligent in the way of taking something that already exists and make it more general. There may be groups such as the one I described above, but her group will be larger because multidisciplinarity.

It would be funny if she uses existing platforms such as impacthub.net, meetup.com or ted.com to launch a new platform where like-minded people can meet.

Perhaps one day I'll pivot as her, from doing the work into motivating others to work =)

Alternative point of view: this is just another sign of the oncoming blow up of the dot com bubble 2.0.

Yesterday, Cowen provided a lesson in deplatforming (i.e., when someone's internet identity is washed). I commented about the rising popularity of DNA testing as a way of washing one's personal identity: yesterday I was one person, and today I am someone else, having discovered my true self with a DNA test. One's identity is one's platform for those who don't get the connection. Today, Cowen provides a lesson in constructing one's personal identity through "self-identification". Maybe the goal here is to wash away everyone's identity, create a new (internet/personal/etc.) identify, and live a happier, healthier, and more productive life. In times past, that was called brain washing. Today, it's personal improvement. Have we lost our way or found our way?

That Rene Girard was a genius is confirmed daily. Elizabeth Holmes created an identity through self-identification. Was it all a fraud (i.e., deception) or did she actually succeed in creating a new identity? That she continues with the identity she created suggests she succeeded.

tldr: self-learning, self-starting, left and right brained individualists of diverse backgrounds tired of economic gatekeeping and the political status quo looking to connect in real life.

it seems the point of organizing into in-real-life groups is for better discussion. but if you remove the IRL aspect of it, you get 70-80% of the benefit for a fraction of the cost. so what else would you get that the internet doesn't already provide? is this a return of secret societies like freemasons but more open and not secret? or is this more like MENSA but updated to this century and with broader neurodiversity?

"the I.I. is age-agnostic and instead problem/progress focused"

??? I must be missing something again.

I would be **most deeply** surprised if some new movement was "agnostic...problem/progress focused". What I see in the millennial age is religious devotion to some nominally secular concept of morality with people seeking to impose the ideology of that morality on everything rather than seeking to solve problems or be pragmatic.

Of course, they ignore the SF study that shows that more tall buildings means less displacement. It intuitively makes sense that more people get to stay when there are more units built in the same amount of land, but I guess when one is convinced that supply and demand works opposite-wise for land values, that won't make sense either.

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