China Bible fact of the day

The parent company of the two largest Bible publishers in the United States has warned the Trump administration that proposed tariffs on China would amount to a “Bible tax.”

Trump’s proposed tariffs on $300 billion in Chinese-made products would affect books and other printed materials, according to Bloomberg. That includes Bibles, which are overwhelmingly printed in China because of the specialized technology and skills they require to produce…

More than half of the 100 million Bibles printed every year have been printed in China since the 1980s, he said. Of those, 20 million are sold or given away in the United States.

That’s because of the specialized printing requirements for a complex book such as the Bible, which requires thin paper that cannot be fed into standard printing equipment, leather covers, stitched binding, color pages and special inserts such as maps.

Here is the full Washington Post story.


A memorable silly ditty by the Beatles and Gideon's Bible comes to mind...

They have it back-asswards. Printing the bibles in China was a tax/impediment to employment in the U.S. They should print them here.

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Why haven't they banned the Bible?


Brevity is the soul of wit. Typically, you type 1,000+ words to announce your brilliance.

What does that mean? I googled it. Got nada.

Why did plantation owners give slaves bibles? Interestingly, these were printed in Britain, not the United States.

Finally an upside to these tariffs.

Read the Bible as if it were written by people who care about other people and who would have cared about you if they had known you.

Don't worry about the problematic verses - you were not there for those struggles, you did not help, and could not have helped those fearful people in those ancient times, and you are not doing yourself any favors by hating on ancient people for their statements with which "you disagree" as a "modern person"

Don't worry about any of that. the main idea that you need to keep in mind, when considering whether or not to read the Bible as something that is an artifact that exists in this world which proclaims THE TRUTH, is that God loves you, that God appreciates the fact that you have lived in this world, with your free will, for a long time and have not completely abandoned that frame of mind you had when you were younger and more innocent, and wanted, someday, to be "everything you can be"

I cannot tell you which Bible verses will explain what you have experienced in life in a way that even poor Shakespeare could not have explained, and I cannot tell you which Bible verses to avoid because you are a modern person who has been told a thousand times that you are better than people who lived long ago (in some ways you are, to tell the truth)

Seriously I can't help you much if you do not want to help, not yourself, but to help those who would be so so happy if you would just try to be the person God wants you to be.

And yes, that involves at least giving some effort to understanding this:

your hip parents were not right
your hip friends are not right
Einstein was not too bright outside of his Machian fanboy efforts
the canon of the "Star Trek Universe" is a sad artifact of rich failed artists who tried to make something of lasting value, interesting but ultimately unsatisfying
Baudelaire was not that good a poet, although he did have a lot of admirable appreciation for subtle nuances of French vocabulary, but who really cares?

Read the Bible as if whoever wrote any given chapter therein was , at least, at your level of understanding , and if you think one chapter is useless, go somewhere else, try another

I am a big fan of the genealogies because it takes me about ten minutes to understand the meaning of the names of dozens of those old Hebrews

remember God loved them too

think about it.

and since I used to be, but no longer am, a supremely gifted psychologist, let me add the following fact:


is trivial


having said all that, I hope you can understand why I always feel happy to see that the hotel room I have checked into has a Gideon's Bible that I can spend a few moments reading before drifting off to sleep after a hard day of travel and a hard day of meeting the sort of people I meet when I travel

I would start with a few chapters in the New Testament, probably John's Gospel and epistles, or Paul in his letters to his friends at Philippi or Ephesus, but the Psalms and Proverbs work for lots of people too, and there are other places to start

It would be wise to assume that there's no history - or almost none - in the Bible until the Assyrians pitch up. After that all you have to do in the OT is untangle the history from the propaganda.

As for the NT, you need to discard the two different nativity narratives as obvious codswallop, learn which bits of Mark were added later by another hand, and note which of the letters attributed to Paul were really his work. Then you have to ask yourself whether you believe in the supernatural.

There's a pretty fair chance that Jesus actually existed, which puts him one up on Abraham, Moses, Solomon, and so on.

Actually there is a very reasonable chance that Solomon existed, in view of the ancient coins inscribed with “house of David”.

How many coins, found under what circumstances? How unambiguous is the translation? How many mention Solomon?

"That’s because of the specialized printing requirements for a complex book such as the Bible, which requires thin paper that cannot be fed into standard printing equipment, leather covers, stitched binding, color pages and special inserts such as maps"

I see. I wonder how Bibles got printed before the 1980's. Maybe the fovernment should not be in the business of giving handouts.

This guy named Gutenberg was involved. Sounds foreign.

So it ismpossible to print Bibles without favoring communists and giving handouts to business? Carry on.

Gutenberg did that, and he graduated from the police academy?! Impressive guy!


I had the same thought.

China stole the technology invented in the US for printing on thin paper.

Once they had the technology knowledfe capital, the US no longer could afford to keep the knowledge and put it in recycling bins which filled eempty shipping containers that were shipped to China where is was turned into tissue paper, in Bibles, shipped back to the US.

Paying American workers to learn, use, build tissue paper printing presses, or paying them to bind books costs too much, and the high costs kill monopoly profits, the loss of profits destroys wealth, and wealth destruction kills jobs.

Only by not paying workers can profits create wealth, and wealth drives the unemployed to borrow from the rich and spend, creating jobs.

This is God's will, because the poor are able to thread the needle into heaven.

I think America can print as many Bibles as Red China can. As Churchill said, "give us the tools and we will finishnthe job".

I doubt many evangelicals read the WP but it must come as a surprise to the few who do that the inerrant Word of God comes from China. Speaking of the Word of God, today Trump said he envisions a time when the US will be Iran's "best friend". I should mention that John Bolton is out of the country, maybe in Saudi Arabia with his friends, definitely not in China picking up a few Bibles.

What does it take to make the media worry for Christians?

An opportunity to dunk on Trump.

What does it take to make Tyler worry for Christians?


'What does it take to make the media worry for Christians? '

Profit margins - wait, you were aware that the reason you are reading about this is basically due to HarperCollins, a major media company?

When the subject is profit, no one is more devoted to B-B than Prof. Cowen.

I have heard that a lot of China stuff requires me to get an actual job and pay taxes. I would rather go without.

seigniorage is a nasty blight, and it pocks the government as well. Look at doctors and lawyers who make a living on criminals. It does create debt. It is a bicameral legislation. So lets give Nietzsche and the Nazi's their credit. Nietzsche understood Pascal's wager to be between bifurcation (of the heart) and compartmentalization (of the mind). He chose, as us postmodernists have, the latter. Nietzsche judged on the basis of his own experience that complete ownership was the providence of heaven where he could test his faith. It is a sort of omnipotence, thus he, the heir to Schopenhauer, is implacable. As any method actor if a man who pays his debts cares about responsibility. It was Goebbels who planned a pastoral life, even to the this day, we intend to lead, the tion--ness of equality.

Montesquieu, assuming R is 18, understood that soldiers need to be paid at a fixed price, unlike doctors and lawyers who are paid on an open auction. Tomorrow, we'll watch the night disappear. Nietzsche understood that to confirm his bias, an experiment with an unknown outcome would be placed upon his hand, by God's mercy! The twilight of the idols, you gibbons, I say from our bosoms, is no confession!! The circumference of a circle has to be more stable than it's radius, to Tuscany, where Livorna is mentioned for the first time in 1017. Himmler cultivated from madness, sanity, using a surgeon's comfort--“They called me the hyacinth girl.” --“I despise them, therefore I can make”
When we are one, a man cannot play games with his soul.


Isn’t the foundational economic doctrine of alienum consilium cum vicisset obstinaram praemium imperium taught in the third week of every Econ 101 class nowadays?

TRUMP (TO RALLY): Have you heard this, folks, China. Yes, yes, I know. China. Is saying they'll tax the Bible. Can you believe it? Unbelievable. They're saying they'll put the biggest tax, the most tax probably ever, on the Bible. It's the most holy book, a great book, probably the best, I love it. Do you love the Bible? Yeah you love it. Me too, folks.

Is a "render unto Caesar" joke too obvious to bother with?

The parent company of the two largest Bible publishers So the two largest Bible publishers are owned by a single company that doesn't print them. What does the parent company actually do? There's no editing involved. They don't actually publish or even print the mythology. This is very strange.

By not paying workers they create wealth, and that allows them to hand out Bibles that teach the unemployed they will thread the needle and inherit the Kingdom of God.


20 million are sold or given away in the United States. They are all paid for by someone, even if ultimately given away. The Chinese printers must receive an income in order to operate the sophisticated presses.

Actually, this affair is one more demonstration of the fallacy of the Protestant work ethic, if there ever even was such a thing. Now that it's no longer an economic advantage to have diligent Protestants show up on time and produce widgets through their lunch hour, to heck with them. Of course, unemployed printers are simply bums looking for a handout from the government, no longer exemplars of the Protestant work ethic, like their use-to-be employers.

It's the Bible-Industrial Complex.

Short answer: they create add-ons.

Zondervan, for example, writes hundreds of study guides for church groups to use, and also create 'study bibles' that have this supplementary material alongside the Bible text. It's not uncommon for churchgoers to buy a new variant every few years to participate more easily in the small groups they attend. If you go into a Christian bookstore you'll also see a ton of bookmarks, book covers, and all sorts of miscellaneous stuff. These all get marketed under the umbrella of the Bible translation (e.g. NIV Modern Shiny Translation, etc) which serves as a main brand for the product range.

Three words is all you need to describe why anything is made in China.


'why anything is made in China'

Quality does come to mind in the case of (professional) fireworks, actually. Silk also seems reasonable to add too.

Boy, the Post is getting desperate to protect China.

I only read the bible while wearing my MAGA cap, to shield my eyes from any sinful cognitive dissonance

A MAGA cap made in China, naturally.

Hope the tariffs won't affect them. Though no sympathy for this guy. who clearly is not paying Trump a fair share of the profits - 'A California-based company that sells "Make America Great Again" hats similar to the official hats sold by the Trump campaign says its prices may rise in response to trade tensions with China prompted by President Trump's tariffs.

David Lassoff, who runs the company IncredibleGifts, told ABC News that prices of the hat could double from between $9 and $12 to at least $20 if he is forced to abandon his Chinese manufacturers and make the hats in the United States.

The hat, Lassoff said, is his website's best-selling item. He claims to have sold hundreds of thousands of the hat.'

and who says irony is dead?!

Funny that you get plenty of pro-Trump, evangelical advocacy groups raising funds for bibles to donate to China, one could imagine, regifted, bibles.

"More than half of the 100 million Bibles printed every year have been printed in China since the 1980s"
where are the other half printed?

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