*Godzilla: King of the Monsters* (spoilers in this post)

Carp all you want, I thought it was pretty damn good.  The innovations: monsters have economic value, there are property rights in monsters (for a while), communication really matters, the environmentalists are the bad guys, and nuclear power saves the world.  The stagnation: Asian people, and only Asian people, have TFP about monsters.

You can’t judge these movies by normal standards, like those silly critics do, instead you have to ask:

1. How good are the monsters and the monster fight scenes?

2. Does it give the monsters a decent backstory and mythological lore?

3. Does it pay suitable homage to the original movies?

4. Does it have the right number of obscure monsters, arbitrarily added to the canon, as if we know all along who and what they are supposed to be?

5. Do you learn something about how the film-producing country views its own science and bureaucracy?

6. Perhaps YIMBY will come to Boston after all.

Mothra steals the show, A- I say, don’t @ me on this one.  The Japanese movie Shin Godzilla, which appeared about two years ago, is pretty good too, especially on #5.


Of course the environmentalists are the bad guys, because we're all humanists now, little gods all 7.5 billion of us.

Run for the dacha, environmentalists!

Environmentalists are contemporary nihilists, so they really should be portrayed as the bad guys.

I just read the synopsis of this movie. Environmentalists are the villains! Praise the lord!

I have no problem paying to see this movie in the theater. And I’ll buy it off iTunes as soon as it is available.

Take THAT environmentalists!

You might want to rethink that last, cowboy. Remember, Apple announced a couple years ago it runs on 100% green energy. You wouldn't want to send the wrong signal.

Environmentalism is a consequence of the decay of judeo-chirstianism. They just recycled the myth of Adam and Eve. They believe in the myth of the pure "nature state" where humans lived happily in harmony with nature and that we have spoiled everything by inventing agriculture and techniques. It was invented by Rousseau. All science proofs lead to the contrary. Homicide rates for example have gone from 1-2% per year to infinitesimal.

I got two doctor titles and I cant tell if you Muricans are being sarcastic, or being salty southern Rednecks angry they were wrong about everything all the time. Scary.

Few people seem to remember that Godzilla was created as an anti-West fascist propaganda and has been used as such for many decades.



There wouldn't have been a Hiroshima if there had not been a Pearl Harbor. I'm unconcerned by the fears and bitterness of a people who committed mass murder and atrocities against civilians and POWs throughout Asia and the Pacific. This was also the nation that executed Western sailors who merely swam to their shores after their ships wrecked.

The Japs are fortunate we didn't cut the yarbles off of every male in the country and impregnate their women with more civilized DNA. We gave them peace, democracy, and capitalism. They should have a national month of praise for American power and civility.

Exactly! Yet they are winning the narrative war and brainwashing Westerners -- and their own people - with their lies.

They found natural allies with our communist enemies and their willing co-conspirator socialists in the West.

George Orwell observed in his Notes on Nationalism:

"But there is a minority of intellectual pacifists whose real though unadmitted motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration of totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writings of younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States. Moreover they do not as a rule condemn violence as such, but only violence used in defence of western countries."

I'd argue that Orwell was being charitable, and that this "minority" was, or became, a majority.

It is one of the many perversions of the Left. But to be frank, the Right has dealed with those problems in a half-hearted, inadequate way. Since Bush I threw up at the Japanese Prime Minister, what any Republican has done to oppose Japan and its ridiculous historical revisionism? As America has to deal with other pressing issues, the Japanese regime gets a free pass to do whatever it wants. Why can they have No Foreigners Allowed stores and baths, but we can't have No Japanese Allowed places of business? Yes, the Left would yell, but so would Republicans. It is time to stand up to Japan and make it clear their free riding is over.

I certainly dont condone Japan's current practices, but we are no longer military governors and dont want to be.

While I believe it is America's duty to promote democracy, capitalism, and liberty, this doesnt mean we micromanage every nation's affairs. It is far different to ban foreigners from some stores than to ban them from most stores.

Like every other outsider, we dont follow or live their norms. Cultures should be self protective. We should do more of that. We went from demanding assimilation to promotion and protection of destructive foreign behavior.

The point is, there should be more give and take. As far as I can see, one side only gives and the other side only takes. The Japanese regime keeps spreading lies about America and its allies, it refuses to ackowledge the true extent of its war crimes against Western prisoners and Asian and Brazilian civilians. It refuses to open its market and it refuses to pay for its own protection. It keeps playing the Hiroshima card. I think it is time to remember who won a war and who lost it.

Brazil is a fascist hellhole. It supported the Axis until the U.S. a stop to it. Brazil had a large group of active supporters of Axis Japan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shindo_Renmei

To this day, Brazil has the largest population of Japanese outside of Japan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_Brazilians

Brazil is a puppet regime of Asian fascists.

It is not true at all!!!! Brazil opposed fascism. While Americans were sending Jewish children back to Hitler's ovens, Brazil was welcoming refugees.

"Brazil is a puppet regime of Asian fascists."

No, it is not. During the war, Brazil sent thousands of Japanese to internment camps for moral reform. They were re-educated and have been integrated to Brazil's society. Mr. Saito, Brazil's former Air Force Commander, is from Japanese stock. Brazil has avoided American-style tribalist, identitarian policies.
You can see this photo of Brazil's President Doctor Vargas meeting American President Roosevelt to plan a new anti-fascist offensive.

You can see how happy they were about working together.

The so-called "active supporters of fascist Japan" (Shindo Renmei) were Japanese, not Brazilians. Moreover, most of them were not extremely "active". Their targets were other Japanese people in Brazil (the so-called "defeat faction", who for some reason believed that Japan lost rather than won the war).

The Japanese know that controlling a culture's religion is key to exercising hegemonic dominance over a people. Here is but one article by a Japanese scholar that openly discusses how Japanese new religions have been gaining influence not only among Japanese-Brazilians but also these new Japanese religions "have expanded through propagation to Brazilians of a non-Japanese ethnic background"!!! https://www.jstor.org/stable/30234504?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents

The Japanese started this before the Chinese got around to planting their Confucius Institutes (in Brazil too, of course). And President Bolsonaro welcomes the Asian fascist cultural invasion of Brazil because he is a fellow traveler.

You lie, boy!

Brazilian Japanese chicks are hot! I want to merge my DNA with theirs.

If there hadn't been Hiroshima, maybe you'd still have a country? What goes around comes around, and it seems to me that Hiroshima and all the other atrocities committed is being paid back with the loss of your country.

So that is it. America should have surrendered to Hitler and its fascist Japanese friends.

Shouldn't you be called James Rivers? To use the straightforward translation.

I don't know what you are talking about.

That's retarded. The reason we are losing our country is because of idiotic leftist twits and the crushing obligations of the New Deal. But that wont last.

Promoting "democracy, capitalism, and liberty" is leftist. So the same leftist forces have resulted in the loss of your country. You've already lost your country.

Grandpappy of Shinzō Abe was the brutal ruler of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo. The Chinese didn't like him. I wonder how they feel about Shinzō? Hey, Shinzō's ok, he's one of us, he's a good fella!

Just sayin'.

>>I'm unconcerned by the fears and bitterness of a people who committed mass murder and atrocities against civilians and POWs throughout Asia and the Pacific.

... except that the people who did this are all dead or very nearly so today.
I hope you don't propose that their descendants are responsible for what their parents did? Because then you and I have much to answer for what *our* ancestors did as well. For example, do you support paying "reparations" to Indians and African-Americans alive today because of atrocities committed pre-1900?

Holy shit, comments on this site really are Infowars level stupid nazi garbage.

The difference between SSC and MR, I guess.

keep quiet, it has been said, for the sake of fairness. One cannot be a poet and a historian. Aeneas was not as pious, Ulysses not as prudent.

"Because the actions that do not change or alter the truth of history no need to be written if they belittle the hero." Godzilla is an existentialist's dream. And is the latter not a simile-metaphor? For the rest us of, the case of super-hero movies remain what is said of tragedy. Even in the saddest tragedy, there will be a character who is happy.


this morning david onetrickpony brooks/nyt headline predicted
"the racial reckoning comes"

oberlin college postmodern meme zombies -0
small business Gibson Bakery -$11,000,000 americano dolares
good guys win again!

The agrarian myth that the author contends lies at the heart of midwestern regional consciousness no longer seems relevant to many residents of an urban industrial nation.

if I had a monopoly company, the first thing i'd do is break the second law of thermodynamics. That is, I would buy insurance and burn it. Then I would have a press conference and point to Cowan and ask what he keeps suggesting privacy is less good in the Midwest (rural) than in the northeast and California (city). There is no privacy in manhattan. More often, privacy is not that one authority that has knowledge of you, but the feeling that the individual does not have room to breath. Ah, there is deep privacy in Manhattan, the spirit of wealth and the greenest privacy there is. But the true colors are only blue! There is no privacy in a church perhaps.

fuck oberlin! $52,000+/yr?
how much you reckon this risible racial hoax reckoning will raise tuition? 11 million dollars judgement and they gonna punitive damages on top of that!

"Zardoz speaks to you! ... Kill the brutals who multiply and are legion."

hey deep surveillance state
the above writer is zardoz with a z
not zardos with an s
its 2 different writers
zardos with an s is not telling any body
to kill anybody!

First post I've really believed that Tyler Cowen doesn't write all these posts.

Sin Godzilla was excellent!

Tonight I was out, to observe the fireflies, in the woods and fields at the bottom of an undeveloped slope in the midst of suburban Northern Virginia.
If you like nature maybe you are the sort of person who likes to count what you have seen (perhaps you are up to 300 birds, or 70 North American butterflies)
or maybe you just like, once in a while, to see something you have never seen before.
Anyway, here in Fairfax Country, we are approaching slowly peak firefly season, and tonight, in a little grassy corner of Fairfax Country, next to a small (unfortunately stagnant) creek - called a run locally - as in Bull Run ---anyway an hour or so after astronomical twilight had finished, by the light of the fireflies and by the ambient light from "DC and the rest of the metro district", dimly reflected from the clouds (at about 2K), I saw, winging its way above the bushes and among the hundreds of fireflies, something I have never seen before ----

a huge Ionian moth, not even green in the dim light of early night, moving through the air - the amazing creature hardly fluttered its wings it just seemed to take advantage of the currents in the air the way a seahorse does down in Polynesia or a nautilus might wherever it is nautiluses are found. Or a jellyfish, if a jelly fish could look like a pure celestial spirit.

I only bothered to share this small detail of my life as a naturalist with you because I too, like the reviewer who posted this review, am a big fan of the possibilities of Mothra, in a better world


In weevil, Rhopalapion longirostre, the female rostrum's length (double) is a response to ecological preference. In Saturniidae, males can generally be distinguished by their larger, broader antennae.

more likely an io than a luna, despite the almost green hints as it passed by like a small winged comet, but I will never know, I don't catch the creatures, live and let live is my motto when it comes to those mostly quiet and always amazing creatures

To add a detail to make the observation more accurate, there was lots of fluttering but that was only to keep on course not to move forward through the dark and gentle but nevertheless luminous and divine night

"God is good, It is a beautiful Night"

Tyler is wrong. He must not have said to see the end credits - the background of which were news headlines showing that the eco-terrorist was 100% correct.

The world's population was reduced, and the unleashed monsters were repairing the ecosystem. Exactly as she predicted.

Plus she died a heroic death.

Tyler has the story backwards. Oddly, so. Does he believe that mainstream Hollywood would make a film with an ecologist as the bad "guy"?

"nuclear power saves the world..."

It's interesting how at this point godzilla movies seem more attractive to investors than nuclear power plants.

At least Mothra is real.

It was a really fun movie. I wasn't expecting much after the critical mauling, was very pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed the final act. I guess the professional reviewers felt like they needed to dump hard on a summer blockbuster after being forced to say they really liked the lacklustre Avengers movie. Can't maintain relevance if their tastes seem too different from the general public.

Yes, Shin Godzilla is mostly a (generally right populist) amusing critique of Japanese bureaucratic culture and government decision making, and only secondarily a monster movie.

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